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Celebrate Earth Day by Finding New Ways to Explore Nature

It’s no coincidence that Earth Month and Earth Day are celebrated on April 22nd. Flowers begin to bloom, and longer days bring excitement and opportunities. April is the perfect time to notice the little things, seek out new things, and explore nature.

Know Earth More, Love Earth More

It seemed like it would never come for some, but spring is finally in full bloom! Across the country, new buds and blossoms are capturing our gaze, and warmer temperatures are allowing for more time spent outdoors. This makes April an ideal time to observe the wonders of our world and take steps to preserve them.

As environmentalist and author Richard Louv famously wrote, “We cannot protect something we do not love, we cannot love what we do not know, and we cannot know what we do not see. And touch. And hear.”

So, celebrating Earth Month and Earth Day doesn’t necessarily require us to invest in a zero-waste kit or join a local beach cleanup. However, it gives us a perfect reason to find ways to know and love our planet even more.

25 New Ways to Explore Nature

Between spending more time in your backyard garden and discovering new routes, the options for exploring nature are endless and can be accessed both near and far. Whether you’re on your feet, rollerblades, or the Aveny, here are some ways to get a little more acquainted with our home.

  1. Pay a visit to a national park unit near you
  2. Plan a trip to the ocean
  3. Get comfortable on the grass and watch clouds float by
  4. Go spelunking in a cave
  5. Try stand up paddleboarding
  6. Try something new on a trail—like riding horseback or an all-terrain bike
  7. Commit to watching a sunrise or sunset (or both!)
  8. Learn about landforms and the geologic story they tell
  9. Go camping and sleep under the stars
  10. Go hiking, climbing, cycling, skating, surfing, walking, swimming, skipping, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, snowshoeing, or skiing.
  11. Go foraging for wild plants (be respectful and use a guide)
  12. Plant a pollinator garden
  13. Become familiar with the endangered species in your state
  14. Hug a tree and try to determine what species it is
  15. Look for fossils
  16. Explore a new-to-you urban park
  17. Volunteer outdoors
  18. Go birding
  19. Take a photo in the same place during each of the four seasons
  20. Do a bug audit in your backyard to see who you share your home with
  21. Stargaze
  22. Listen to morning birdsong
  23. Draw a picture of your favorite plant
  24. Plan a picnic at a park
  25. Camp in your backyard

Ebikes for a Better Future

As you celebrate Earth Day and our shared home, we’ll provide a sustainable way to get around. With Blix, you can find new ways to explore nature—and do so in a healthier way for you and our planet.