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America’s Most Bike Friendly Cities

Location, location, location. Whether you’re a realtor or a rider, it’s a factor that plays into most decisions. This summer, if you’re open to expanding your range, why not try your luck with one of America’s most bike friendly cities? Rated not only for their paved paths, mild temperatures and pleasant scenery, these destinations will welcome you with open arms and wide trails. Grab your Blix and kick off the season in these biking hot spots.

 San Francisco, CA  

With sweeping views, all year sun and a fun loving culture, we would’ve been surprised if San Francisco wasn’t a top contender. This city has been welcoming bikers for decades and already has over 448 miles of commuter-friendly bike lanes. Leading the charge for an additional 20 miles of protected lanes is Mayor Breed, and she’s not stopping there. A bike sharing system, ample parking options and the Vision Zero project have all resulted in the city adding on average, four new bike commuters a day. Breathe in the salty air as you cross the Golden Gate bridge or avoid a $50 parking fee by locking up outside the AT&T stadium. You could spend a week or a lifetime and there would still be more to see of this amazing city.

Minneapolis, MN

Don’t let the cold winters scare you off. This midwest state is a regular in the League of American Bicyclists’ top five biking destinations. Peeking through trees and vista points are over 12,00 lakes, all lined with trails. But if it’s the city lights you’re looking for, rest assured knowing all riders have access to various resources including a sharing system, parking and transit details along with safety guidelines. Find your way through Minneapolis' most popular parks and into 100 miles of adventure-ready terrain via the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway. The Ontario border is well within reach on the Arrowhead State Trail so pack a lunch, grab a helmet and hit the road.

 Washington, DC 

Home to the President and one of the nation’s most successful bike-share programs, this gold-status city is worth a stop. Framing the historic streets are 77 miles of bike lanes, 60 miles of trails and 12 miles of cycle tracks. Adding convenience to breathtaking views, 100 percent of bikes are welcome on the Metrorail and buses. With these accommodations, it’s no surprise that the district has the second highest number of bike commuters in the States. Revel in the bike culture as you make your way through fresh flowers and National Monuments. Remember to keep your eyes up. You never know who you could run into in the capital of the United States.

Oakland, CA

Make your way across the Bay bridge and join us in Oakland, California. In addition to the salty air and stunning views, you may notice a lack of cars beside you. Since launching the Slow Streets program in April 2020, the city has cleared over 74 miles of car-packed traffic to make room for stress-free cycling and walking. Many more improvements are to come as the city just earned over $30 million worth of state transportation grants to fund the expansion of paved bike lanes and other safety measures. Enjoy the peace of quiet a street and take in the Bay views along the way. There’s no rush on the West Coast.

 Portland, OR

You only have to land in Portland to realize why it’s one of America’s most bike friendly cities. Along with premium bike parking, PDX offers a dedicated assembly and repair station. Furthering the ease of adventure, a multi-use path leading straight to the regional trail system is only steps away. Between the downtown cycle lanes, bike sharing system and people’s bridge that is exclusive to cyclists, it doesn’t get much friendlier than this. Breathe in the greenery as you make your way through the States National Parks to outdoor breweries. Just be sure to keep an eye on the forecast.

It doesn’t take much to make a city more bike friendly. And as areas across the country adjust to post-pandemic life, now's the time for change. But until the world catches up, enjoy the innovation of these five biking meccas.