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Why Female Riders Love the Vika+

Big news: The Blix Vika+ was recently featured in Woman’s World as one of the best folding bikes for women.

Woman’s World says, “If you like the look of a traditional cruiser but want more pep, you’ll love this E-bike from Blix. The Vika Flex Folding Electric Bike takes you around town in style, and is fully equipped with all the bells and whistles you could want. Its front has a digital display that shows your miles, and there’s also a USB charger. There are lights in the front and back, and the step-thru design makes it great for all types of riders. Powered with a 500 watt battery, you have the option to use the throttle the entire ride, or can break into pedal assist driving when you choose. Mechanical breaks and reflective tire sidewalls are just two of the safety features, and you can ride up to 45 miles on a single charge. Available in four colors, the bike includes a back rack, and can be hooked up with loads of accessories.”

See what other women from the Blix community have to say about the Vika+

“A bike that is easy for a woman to handle” - Mickey B

“I have my Vika + and am riding it around western & northern Michigan. I put it in the Vika bag and put it down below in our sailboat. Then, when we arrive in ports, we take it out and find the phenomenal bike path” - Deann K

“Love my Vika+” - Julie W

“I wanted a compact electric bike that I could transport in my vehicle. The Vika+ fits the bill perfectly. The standard equipment included front and rear fenders, front and rear lights and brake light, integrated bell, rear rack, and throttle along with 5 pedal assist levels. The throttle is particularly helpful in getting started from a full stop, and the 5 PA levels combined with the seven gears allow me to move along at my preferred pace. Vika+ is easy to fold and set up, and I was able to adjust the seat and handlebars to fit my riding style perfectly. I added the front basket, which is attached to the frame instead of the wheel, and it is a great size for whatever I need to carry. I love my Vika+!” - Lynn F

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