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When Is It Safe to Ride Your Bike in the Winter?

Riding your ebike in ice, rain, and snow is safer than you probably think—especially with fat-tire ebikes like the Ultra. In fact, it may become your new favorite season for cycling. Just be sure to keep some winter safety considerations in mind.

Start Slow

You may be going stir-crazy and want to experience the wonders of winter on your ebike, but consider that roads and paved surfaces can be extremely slippery. Grass and dirt could also be hidden by snow that causes you to lose control.

Start slow. If you don’t feel completely comfortable going for a ride, think about replacing your bike ride with a walk or hike.

Keep an Eye on the Forecast

Winter can bring about weather conditions that can make your ride a little trickier. Before heading out, ensure there’s no further snow, wind, or rain in the immediate forecast.

If the weather does quickly change, have a back-up plan to be picked up or wait it out somewhere dry.

Bundle Up

To stay comfortable on your winter ride, be sure to bundle up. Wearing several brightly-colored, moisture-wicking layers is a good idea, as is grabbing gloves and a warm hat to wear with your helmet.

Before you hop on your bike, warm up your core by jogging in place for a few minutes, or doing jumping jacks. Before braving the cold, you can always sip on a warm beverage like tea, hot chocolate, or coffee.

Be Extra Cautious

Slick conditions can make you and your bike more accident-prone. Sometimes, they’re difficult to detect. Be sure to brake slowly and be prepared for obstacles.

Pedestrians and cars may also be at risk of losing control. Be aware of everything going on around you.

Support the Battery

The battery on your ebike doesn’t like the cold, so avoid keeping it in freezing temperatures for long periods of time. Before you hit the road, be sure the battery is at room temperature—but avoid using a heater to warm up the battery as it could damage it.

Clean Your Bike

While your winter ride will revitalize you, it can take a toll on your bike if not maintained properly. With roads treated with traction-improving sand and ice-melting salt, extra care should be taken to clean your ebike often. Look for a bicycle-specific lubricant to tackle any grime on the chain, too.

An ebike can help you maintain your health goals—regardless of the time of year. With a few preparations and some extra considerations, you can safely ride your ebike in winter. The hardest part may be braving the cold to hop on your bike—but as soon as you start pedaling you’ll quickly warm up. Happy winter riding!