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What To Expect When You’re Expecting a Blix

December 15, 2020

Welcome to the Blix Family! I’m sure you’re excited and so are we. Now that you're a member of the team, it’s time to start training for your first ride.

Say Hello

First impressions are everything so we recommend meeting your Blix at the door. Because we deliver with Fedex, a signature is required. If you are worried about missing the arrival, FedEx suggests that you sign up for FedEx' Hold at Location which gives you control over where and when the package is delivered. If something still hinders the welcome party, you can pick up your Blix at your local FedEx location or call our support team and request that we coordinate with them on your behalf.

Safety is Key 

We know you are eager to see your new ride, but we urge you not to rip the box open. Whether service is needed or you decide to go with the Aveny rather than the Sol, you’ll find that the original Blix box is far easier to manage than the TV box in your garage. Furthermore, just like car keys, battery keys are easy to lose so keep yours in a safe place.

Get Hands On 

Blix ebikes are shipped 80% assembled so your new ride will need a helping hand. We offer unboxing videos, but if you are uncomfortable taking the lead, we suggest requesting an assembly quote from your local bike shop. 

Did You Hear That? 

Don’t worry if your brakes are squealing, this is normal. Whether it's due to the dust picked up en route or oils transferred from your fingers during assembly, the noise will likely disappear as you continue to ride. If in doubt, don’t pace back and forth in your garage, just check out our guide to squeaky brakes before hitting the road. However, if the noise lingers or gets louder, please contact our support team.

Maintain your Ride

The sun is going down, your helmet is on and you’re ready to roll, but is your Blix? To guarantee a smooth ride for each of you, double check your quick releases, tighten the bolts and adjust your handlebars before kicking off your next adventure. While your ebike may feel invincible, it is important to make time for routine maintenance. We suggest referencing our maintenance materials or connecting with your local bike shop for occasional tune-ups to ensure you’re always riding on air.

Say Goodnight

We know you’re hungry and Netflix is calling, but it’s important to put your Blix away correctly. It takes about five hours to charge the battery fully so rather than delaying your next excursion, put your Blix on charge before shifting into relaxation mode. To ensure your battery lives a long and healthy life, try to keep it between 20% and 80% at all times.

We’re a Family 

A Blix bike is not simply a mode of modern transportation, but a gateway towards a better quality of life. We believe each individual contributes to our unified success and we deeply enjoy following each bike's journey. Whether you have a question, exciting story or photo to share, we're just a call or email away.

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