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What to Expect When You Buy Your First Ebike

In the process of buying your first ebike? Congrats! You’re joining millions of others who are thriving in the electric bike revolution. You’ll find that you don’t just join it—you live and thrive in this new revolution. To help you get the most out of your first ebike, here are four things to consider.

1. Style

Ebikes come in a variety of styles designed for a range of uses. Commuter bikes like the Aveny are ready for trips to school or the office. A lightweight Vika+ foldable ebike is better suited for public transportation use or storage in an upstairs apartment. Those who want the ebike to be an extension of their laid-back style might be interested in the Sol cruiser ebike.

For those who need a heavy-duty way to carry cargo or passengers, there are ebikes designed specifically for that: the Ultra fat-tire bike and the Packa cargo ebike. Combining a little bit of everything, a versatile do-it-all bike like the Dubbel fat-tire ebike is a good option, especially for those who want a speedier way to get around.

2. Accessories

Knowing how you’ll mainly be using your ebike—to carry cargo, cruise to the beach, etc.—can also help you customize it to completely meet your needs.

Adding something like a Front Basket allows you to conveniently carry daily essentials (including that hot cup of joe). Smart Pannier Bags, on the other hand, can be used for both on-bike and off-bike carrying, as they easily snap off to go with you into the classroom or office.

If you have passengers, you can make their ride safer and more comfortable with accessories such as a Mini VIP Section and Passenger Seat.

3. Speed

Most ebikes are Class 2, meaning they have pedal assist and throttle as a standard feature. Pedal assist, as the name suggests, gives you motor support while pedaling. On the other hand, throttle can be used without you pedaling.

Class 2 ebikes have a maximum speed of 20MPH. But now many ebike brands are offering Class 3 ebikes, which can reach a maximum speed of 28MPH. Class 3 ebikes may or may not have a throttle option.

The option to use both pedal assist and throttle is found with Blix’s Class 3 ebikes—the Dubbel and Ultra. They also allow riders to switch between Class 2 and 3. This is great for those who want to reach those higher speeds but may not always be in areas where they’re permitted. It’s recommended that you check local restrictions before riding a Class 3 ebike.

4. Safety

It’s important to recognize that an ebike is a motorized vehicle, and should be respected. Helmets should always be worn and road laws obeyed.

Congratulations again on your decision to join the ebike revolution. Blix will be here to help make your decision easier and get you on the road feeling safe and supported.