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3 Reasons the Vika+ is a Traveler’s Best Friend

Classic tunes and gas station snacks are road trip essentials, but we wanted more for our riders. Determined to support all thrill seekers, we designed the Vika+ to be the perfect companion for those looking to not only enjoy the road, but explore it. When our friend Leah Dawson was road tripping down the California coast, she turned to the Vika+ after realizing four wheels wasn’t enough. Wanting to share her experience, we outlined the highlights of having a Vika+ in your spare seat.

 Fun & Foldable

Get hands on with your adventure by trading windshield impaired views for fresh air. In three quick-releases, you can be out of the car and racing down the road you were simply watching minutes before. Don’t waste a minute of your trip trying to navigate a bike rack. Simply open the trunk, unfold and roll out. This model is designed to be an easy addition which is why we paired it’s foldable frame with a carrying bag. She didn't bring a stopwatch, but Leah suspects the bike was unfolded and she was riding in five minutes flat. “This is the best collapsible bike I’ve ever seen. If you’re out with your Vika+, be prepared to field compliments and questions because it’s definitely a looker, representing the perfect blend of design, efficiency and fun.”       

Travel Friendly 

We might be biased, but we think the Vika+ is the best travel companion on the market. Whether your garage is home to a sedan, truck, van or RV, this folding ebike is a seamless addition. The need for a spontaneous adventure can strike at any moment so stay in sport mode by keeping the Vika+ in your trunk, ready to roll. It didn't take long for the Vika+ to become a staple of Leah’s day. “Whether it’s a short ride to my local surf break, or a long ride to visit friends, I look to my ebike as a mode of freedom. It doesn’t matter if it's a road trip or a quick trip, I’m always sporting a smile.” Ditch the AC and pump up the pedal assist to enjoy a rush you haven't felt since you were a kid. We knew you needed room for furry friends and extra snacks so we brought our vision of a compact, collapsible bike to life. Grab your water bottle and work off those snacks by taking a sunset ride. Netflix will be there when you get back.

Adventure Ready

When you get out of the car and explore new terrain you're no longer bound by what's accessible via foot. Making pit stops for fruit and getting a closer look at the coastline are just a few things Leah enjoyed from the vantage of her Vika+. “Riding my Blix triggers a feeling of freedom and presence I’ve never felt before. To put it simply, it's the ideal human experience.” Refreshing your road trip to include an ebike unlocks a variety of new routes. That sign that says “no motor vehicles” is no longer an issue. Explore every path on your route by unfolding your second mode of transportation and hitting the road. Don’t hesitate to use the throttle, we conveniently placed it at the handle bars for a reason. These bikes are designed to restore your youthful energy, so lean in. Let Leah remind you that age is but a number. “I feel like a kid again. Is working from bike an option?” Don’t miss out on the views that seem out of reach. Put your pedal assist to good use and make the most of your vacation, we know they are fleeting. We’re here to support our community's sense of adventure and foster healthier lifestyles. Pick up a Vika+ to upgrade your next trip! 

We couldn’t capture Leah’s entire road trip with words, but a video bridged the gap! Take a peek at the great views and furry friends she met along the way here