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Tips For Riding in Cold Weather

When winter arrives and the snow begins to fall, some bikes go into hibernation until the spring. Although, with the proper preparation, you can enjoy Blix rides during the colder months. Here are a few tips Blix riders have for riding in cold weather.

Tips from Blix riders

“Anti-fog ski goggles!” - Molly C.

“Fleece-lined leggings.” - Anne G.

“Fenders, for sure.” - David E.

“In my region, Goretex booties, jacket, and pants. I even have a reflective rain cape! I find strong lights on helmet, saddlebags, reflective stickers on wheels and frame helpful. My disc brakes are a marvel for sloppy streets. A fleece neck gaiter, gloves, and legwarmers, are my daily go-to for staying warm. If it is dry, I have a high visibility safety hoodie sweatshirt in a really cool design to keep me feeling warm and safe. Clear safety glasses for eye protection cycling in the dark, and sunglasses for protection during daylight. These days I have a couple of N95 masks for poor air quality days.” - Stella A.

“Heated Vest” - Natalia B.

“Purchase a bike blanket to keep the kids warm” - Laura G.

“Heated gloves and insoles” - Andrea J.

“Gloves, layers, and neck gaiters are an absolute must” - Todd M.

Do you have any other tips on staying warm on a winter bike ride? Tell us by joining our Facebook Owners Group and following us on Instagram and Facebook.

Happy (chilly) riding!