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How Pedal Assist Works

Often when researching electric bikes, we are informed that ebikes offer pedal assist to riders which is one technological aspect separating them from regular bikes. However, it can be confusing and difficult to understand what is pedal assist, how does it work, and why is it beneficial. Below, we breakdown the basics of pedal assist, explain how it works specifically on Blix Electric Bike models, and reasons why pedal assist is great! 

What is pedal assist?

Pedal assist is a mode on your electric bike that provides power from the motor to help you pedal easier and move faster. When you turn on pedal assist and choose your level of assist, the motor will provide a certain level of power output as you pedal. This may feel like a slight push as you ride. Pedal assist is different from throttle mode because it requires riders to pedal, along with receiving power from the motor. The throttle mode does not require pedaling and solely uses the motor to make the bike move forward. 

 How does Blix pedal assist work?

Blix electric bikes are equipped with levels 0-5 of pedal assist.  Level 0 provides no assist, level 1 is the lowest level of assist and level 5 is the highest. If a rider just wants a little push or is looking to extend their battery range, level 1 and 2 of pedal assist are recommended. These levels will provide a motor output that allows riders to easily reach 8-13mph. Level 3 is great for powering up hills or helping riders reach upwards of 15mph on flat ground. Level 5 provides the max power of motor output and riders can reach 20 mph on their Blix bikes. These varying levels of pedal assist determine how much power the rider is relying on from the motor compared to their pedaling. Higher levels of assist will use more of the battery charge and may reduce the distance between charge cycles. 

Why is pedal assist beneficial?

Pedal assist is beneficial to all riders because it allows them to ride farther, faster, conquer hills, and overcome physical limitations. With a freedom to change the level of pedal assist, riders can decide how much exercise they want, when they want to push themselves, and they will no longer be afraid of steep hills. While some riders say pedal assist is cheating, we disagree because we find that pedal assist helps riders extend their distance and time on a bike as well as ride tougher terrain which they may have previously avoided. No matter a riders' starting physical level, pedal assist can encourage riders to spend more time being active and find an exercise routine that works for them. Over time, the level of pedal assist chosen may drop from level 5 to level 2 and riders will feel more confident riding at their own assist level. 

Additionally, pedal assist helps commuters beat traffic and arrive to work faster while still feeling fresh and ready for work. With pedal assist, commuters can step off the bike with little sweat and higher levels of energy to take on the work day! Overall, pedal assist makes biking accessible to the majority and adds some fun, especially when riding at 20mph or flying up the hill you always avoided!


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