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Tips on Riding into the Night

October 29, 2020

Empty streets, crisp autumn air and a star-dotted sky may be the ingredients for a dreamy night ride, but they also represent a shift in safety. To steer clear of danger the next time you are riding in the dark, consider these tips.

Be Vibrant 

Whether you’re up before the sun or riding under the moon, it's important to make your presence known. You’re thinking the brighter the better, right? This makes sense in theory, but in reality, if your lights are too bright, you will blind oncoming cars. When riding in the dark it is critical to consider everyone on the road rather than just your own visibility. To ensure our riders are protected day and night, we integrated front and rear brake lights that feature 40 lumens per square meter. This measurement will illuminate your path and presence without blinding oncoming traffic. When hemming and hawing over a late night ice cream run, you shouldn't have to worry about your safety, so double check that both lights are firing before heading out to the store.

Dress the Part 

One of the many perks of an ebike is that you do not need to swap your jeans for spandex and your tennis shoes will do just fine. However things change when the sun goes down. While during the day you can expect people will notice your sleek ride and perfectly selected outfit, at night it’s likely you will blend into the dark. To combat this, we suggest adding reflective apparel to your wardrobe. This can be either a bright helmet or a fluorescent jacket that can easily be stowed in your bike bag. However, a recent study from the University of Clemson suggests that it's best to include reflective pants or leggings as well. For good measure, consider sporting a headlight and wrapping the bike frame and fenders with reflective stickers.

Stay Alert

While tunes are ideal when cruising down the coast, it's best to leave the speaker behind when riding with the stars. Vehicles have blindspots at all times, but they are magnified at night so ride where you are expected. Stick to a path you know and utilize the bike lane to ensure you arrive recharged over scarred. While the roads may be empty and it seems like the perfect time to push the throttle, it’s best to keep the speed to a minimum and afford extra time at intersections. Night rides are amazing but a good rule of thumb is to expect the unexpected. When dawning your reflective attire, don’t forget common sense.