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Packa vs. Dubbel: Which is Right for You?

If you’re carrying human or material cargo, you may wonder whether to get the Packa or Dubbel. Both models serve as great car replacements and fun ways to get around. This article will explore each of them in depth to help you decide.

The Packa: A Powerful Way to Haul Cargo

The Packa Genie isn’t just called that for no reason, and its power and performance are nothing short of magical.

Although it’s just 81” long (slightly longer than a regular bike), it’s well-equipped for utility cargo or precious cargo for family time. A low step-through frame keeps the center of gravity lower—meaning it’s easy to handle, even with a bouncing kid in back.

Let’s take a deeper look at this cargo-ready ebike.

Powerful motor for heavy loads and steep hills

With a powerful 750W rear motor, this ebike can achieve a whopping 1,350W of peak power.

The Packa is ready to handle heavy cargo and those daunting hills in your neighborhood with five petal assist levels help you get the workout (or lack thereof) you’re looking for.

Large battery for longer range

Thanks to a dual-battery system, you’ll have up to 1,228Wh. In layman's terms, this means you can go the distance.

When one battery runs out, the other kicks in, affording you a range of up to 80 miles—even when you’ve got heavy cargo in tow.

Upgraded brakes for superior safety

Ensuring a safe, supported ride is one of our top priorities at Blix. This is why the Packa comes equipped with high-performance and super-reliable hydraulic disc brakes.

While you’re serving as the “school bus,” these brakes will be there to help you come to a complete stop—even in slick, rainy conditions.

Options for endless customization

Courtesy of the smart mounting points, you can use more than 200 different accessory combinations to carry up to 200 pounds. With both front and rear racks, you can get creative with accessorizing the Packa to meet your carrying or commuting needs.

The Dubbel: Compact and Extremely Capable

Like the Packa, it has a dual-battery system and powerful 750W motor to triumph over whatever hills your neighborhood throws its way. It’s also ready to handle your stuff—or that special someone. It can carry a human passenger up to 150 pounds.

Beyond its ability to be your ride to date night, the Dubbel packs a lot of potential in a small package. Here’s how.

Bluetooth-enabled for integrated rides

Launching a bike in 2022 calls for modern features, which is why the Dubbel has a Bluetooth-enabled handlebar display connected with the Blix Connect phone app.

Use it to change PAS settings, receive service reminders and system updates, or access troubleshooting and safety tips. No IG-worthy mid-ride photo shoot opportunity will be missed, thanks to the USB charging port, which is also on the handlebar.

Satisfies the need for speed

For those who daydream of the exhilaration only higher speeds can provide, the Dubbel is here to satisfy. It’s shipped as a Class 2 ebike, but thanks to app connectivity, you can easily turn up the dial and turn it into a Class 3.

Once the throttle helps you reach speeds of up to 28 MPH (no pedaling required), you’ll know why we refer to the Dubbel as a motorcycle in bike clothing.

Options for endless customization

With options for accessorizing just like the Packa, the Dubbel’s modularity and smart mounting points make it easy to add endless combinations of accessories. Whether you’re carrying kids, adults, or boring ol’ groceries, the Dubbel and its accessories are ready for them.

Fun and Rider-Friendly

Whichever ebike you choose, we’re pretty sure you’ll find your perfect fit. Let us know how your Blix is hitting the road and making everyday transportation a little more exciting. Share your Blix rider story for a chance to be featured. See you out there.