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How to Safely Ride With Bike Cargo

Do you have someone or something joining you on your next ride? In addition to riding safely, it’s important to learn how to ride properly with cargo. The motor in your ebike makes shuttling kids or carrying groceries easier, and just a few extra precautions can go a long way in ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride. Here are some tips and tricks to get you pedaling on the right foot.

6 Tips to Safely Ride with Ebike Cargo

1. Start with the right ride

Blix offers 3 models equipped for cargo: Packa, Dubbel, and Ultra. All these bikes have a dual battery option to ensure you can carry it all.

If you’re looking for ample space and the ability to carry heavy loads, the Packa may be your ride. The Blix Front Rack with the Large Basket ensures you can carry whatever you need, and the VIP Section can be used for one of the Packa’s main purposes – kid carrying.

The Dubbel is the perfect bike for all social adventures. The Dubbel sports a 750-W rear-hub motor that produces 66 lb.ft of torque and offers five levels of pedal assist, plus throttle when needed. Along with the ability to add a passenger on the back, it’s one of Blix’s most versatile bikes yet.

The Ultra is equipped with hydraulic disc-brakes, front suspension, and large 4" tires to carry riders and cargo through rough terrain, sand, snow, or even potholes while giving you a comfortable ride. If you’re into adventure, the Ultra may be for you.

2. Accessorize safely

Did someone say helmets? There are few ebike accessories more important than the one that will protect your (and your passengers’) head. In addition to the all-important helmet, there are a few other accessories that can be utilized for safer riding:

3. Be visible

Equipped with super bright front and/or rear lights, you may want to leave the illumination on to make you and your cargo more visible. Hi-vis vests or reflective stickers on your helmet can improve visibility, too.

4. Use safe, slower routes

Cargo—especially in the form of kids—can and should change how you ride. You may want to turn your inner speed demon off when kids or heavy cargo are in tow. Choosing safer, less congested routes may be better, too.

Bike riders can be cited for excessive speed, so stay within legal limits.

5. No texting and riding

Just as important as it is to ignore incoming text messages while driving, it’s equally crucial to keep the phone away while on your bike. As important as that IG update may seem at the time, it’s never worth it to put human or material cargo—or yourself or others on the road—at risk.

Texting while biking statutes vary from state to state, but distracted biking might even earn you a ticket in some parts of the country.

6. Maintain your cargo bike properly

A bit of maintenance can go a long way to keep each ride safe and comfortable. Regularly check your brakes, chain, and tire pressure. Consider filling your tires to their recommended PSI rating once a week. If you’re riding with cargo, you’ll want to fill the tires to a higher PSI.

To help with more basic maintenance tips, check out this video.

Safe Rides are Something to Smile About

There’s no doubt about it. Ebikes are one of the best ways to get around. Let’s keep them that way, by practicing bike safety. Blix is here to help you stay safe on the road (including common hand signals). Happy riding!