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How to Know an Electric Cruiser Bike is Right for You

There’s no more comfortable, leisurely way to get around than an electric cruiser bike. This type of bike is here for those who enjoy taking in their surroundings or who are into riding around in something more “retro.” But as we’ll see, there’s more than meets the eye with cruiser bikes. We’ll explore all of their benefits to help you determine if this type of bike is right for you.

How to Know an Electric Cruiser Bike is Right for You: 5 Considerations

A cruiser ebike is a great choice for both commuters and recreational riders. So how can you know if it’s better than a more conventionally-designed bike like the Aveny or a fat-tired bike like the Ultra? Start by considering the following.

1. You’re interested in comfortable cruising

Different styles of bikes have different standout benefits. And for an electric cruiser bike like the Sol, comfort is where it truly excels. Not only does it fit a wide range of riders (those 5’1” - 6’2” tall), but it’s designed to make every ride as comfortable as possible.

This starts with a wide, cushy saddle seat that absorbs shocks. Combine that with a low step-through frame, making it easy for anyone to get on. Of all cruiser bikes, the Sol Eclipse has one of the lowest step-through frames.

2. You’d prefer an upright riding stance

Electric cruiser bikes also have swept-back handlebars to make each ride to work or the park even comfier. Unlike flatter handlebars on ebikes like the Vika+ that require slight forward bending, those on the Sol are curved towards the rider, enabling upright riding.

This handlebar style dates back to the 1890s and since the beginning, has been a way to make city bikes and cruiser bikes more comfortable for riders. If you’d prefer to sit up and take in the sights of your city or local bike path, an electric cruiser bike is right for you.

3. You want a stylish way to get around

If you want a bike that looks as good as it feels, then there’s nothing like an electric cruiser bike. This style of bike is designed to turn heads as it’s spotted cruising to the beach or brunch date.

The curved tube sets a cruiser apart from other bikes. Ensuring not only a stable ride, but this instantly-recognizable feature also tips its hat to classic bikes from the ‘50s. If you go with one from Blix, you can make it even more stylish by choosing between vibrant colors like Seafoam, Sorbet, and Sky Blue.

4. You can handle the extra bulk… and need something for the beach

Electric cruiser bikes may not be the most light-as-air option available, but their additional weight is well worth it for beachgoers. As a specific type of cruiser bike, the Sol is a classic beach cruiser. Equipped with fatter balloon tires, it’s ready for rides on trails by the beach or streets in a bustling city.

Whether it’s smooth pavement or hard-packed trails, electric cruiser bikes are the superior choice for a laid-back, leisurely way to get from A to B.

5. You’re ready to customize it to make it truly yours

Like all Blix models, the Sol Electric Cruiser can be customized to suit your specific style and needs. Well-suited for both fun and functionality, its smart mounting points can be equipped with front baskets and rear racks to hold both beach towels or farmers’ market hauls.

Ebikes for Everyone

If you’re more, “it’s about the journey, not the destination” than “I’ve got the need for speed,” then an electric cruiser bike is right for you. Cruiser ebikes are designed for cruising through life and enjoying every minute. The quintessentially comfortable Sol electric beach cruiser joins the rest of Blix’s lineup to ensure that every type of rider finds something perfect for them.