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Going Out on the Aveny

Speed, comfort and convenience, the Aveny offers all three, plus a motor that flattens hills. Eliminating the need for gas and parking spots, it’s no surprise so many people are leaving their cars in the garage. Next time you’re planning to roll into town, consider these tips to make it a perfect time.  

The route, your company and ultimate destination are rightfully top of mind, however there are a few things to check first. A full battery is a great place to start. It takes about 5 hours to charge fully so plugging it in overnight (in a dry, temperature controlled area) is a good trick. With power addressed, the next step is the weather. Blix bikes are waterproof and designed for rain or shine, although not everybody loves stormy shopping. To ensure you’re dressed properly and in for a sunny time, check the forecast before leaving the house.

One of the many beauties of biking is the ability to stop whenever you’d like. In some cases, your Blix can join you for a bite, but in others a sturdy lock comes in handy. To prepare for the next time something catches your eye, keep a lock in your bag or basket. Any lock will work on a Blix bike, but we highly recommend using a U-Lock or Shackle Lock as we’ve found them to be more secure. With protection and assurance on hand, you’ll be free to roam as much as you’d like. 

Regardless of where you’re heading, it’s always nice to have creature comforts en route. A water bottle on a hot day or a warm jacket on a cool night can very well be the difference between a good and a great ride. Luckily, there is plenty of room for what you desire in Blix bags and baskets. While winding through city streets, conversing with a friend or taking in the scene, find comfort in the nearness of your necessities. We all know the danger of getting too hungry. 

Any ride can turn into a mixed bag of wonder and quick turns. The key to a successful trip into town? Wiggle room. Save time for a savory scent to draw you in. Turn down a cobblestone street and appreciate a new backdrop. Unlike a car, there are a variety of routes, alleyways, and side streets open to bikes. Explore all your town has to offer while staying traffic-free, flexible and comfortable. You never know what one turn could lead to. 

Confidence is always the best accessory. And with these handy tricks, you can bring it with you every trip into town. Pave the way for excellence on the Aveny.