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Find Your Perfect Match

Say hello to fresh colors and brighter adventures with new and improved Blix models. Pick a hue, make a move, and watch the miles lead to a better you.

Are you Cool...

Imagine a landscape of colors, interwoven with trees, wildlife and the views of the sea. If it’s nature that you crave, the cool tones in the Blix lineup may be the move for you. Complementing the adaptability of each frame, the soft hues of blue and green will blend into any route, allowing you to travel unobtrusively. All while unlocking new vantage points, hidden pathways, and scenes that will take your breath away. It’s Mother Nature that supports our world and it’s her power that makes Blix bikes possible. Support her promise with a form of emission-free travel and enjoy the benefits of fresh oxygen along the way. Serenity is within your reach in Teal, Sky Blue, Racing Green, Seafoam or Steel Blue.


No adventure is too big for the frames wrapped in warm colors. For those who are friendly with the throttle and consider every ride a race, Burgundy and Sorbet may be your tint. Explore the unknown with a bike that matches your zest for life. Whether alone or with friends, your energy sets a thrilling pace, aligning with the vibrance of your frame. Challenge yourself by dialing up the gears or complement the sunset on a late night cruise. There’s always more to explore and whether you choose Sorbet or Burgundy, you’ll have plenty of range to make it a full day.

Or Somewhere in Between?

An open road, a good book, and a warm cup of tea is always on the menu for our earthy riders. And if you feel most recharged after a solo ride, you might be one of them. Beyond the crowds and hidden in the trees are where many riders hit their stride. Free to wander, void of any distractions, this is the sweet spot for those meant for a neutral palette. Cream, white and gray, represented across the lineup, symbolize harmony, balance and new beginnings. Lead your mind and body to a state of calm with Bright White, Cream or Slate Gray. And compliment any outfit as you go.

A Blix, we believe your choice of transport is an extension of your personality. With this in mind, choose a model that not only takes you from A to B, but allows you to express yourself along the way. Regardless of whether you lean towards blue or cream, a clean route of sustainable fun is heading your way. Discover more about the new and updated models