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Expand Your Range with Vika+

If you enjoy signing off at the end of a busy work-week, imagine how satisfied Randy felt after closing the door to the corporate world. Stepping into retirement two years ago with his Vika+, Randy has kept his body and mind more active than ever.

While Sundays mark the end of free-time for most of us, they signify adventure and reflection for Randy. His mornings begin with a gust of fresh air and the fond memories of High School that accompany his weekly ride along the Olentangy river. “It’s quite surreal to see my school peaking through the trees after all these years. I just attended my 50th graduation anniversary in June of 2019.” Exploring the scenery of his colorful home is nothing new to him, but having the advantage of speed and versatility is. “The Vika+ is a game changer. My home town feels new again and every day I am eager to discover more.”

No longer structured by meetings or deadlines, Randy is free to redesign his day. “Sometimes I think, should I go out for a ride or not? I may procrastinate for a minute or so, but as soon as I feel the wind on my face, I am sold.” Developing a new routine is an opportunity for growth and Randy has taken full advantage. “I’ve gotten in the habit of taking a new route on Wednesday and I save my Sunday mornings for long rides.” The day Randy said goodbye to alarms, he also said goodbye to the ongoing sense of urgency. Errands quickly became a reason to get outside so Randy updated his approach. “Now that I have Vika+, I leave the car in my garage as much as I possibly can. Not only do I take pride in the fact that it helps the environment, I also love the exercise. I ride to the post office, bank and my church!”

While standing desks are sweeping the nation, a sedentary lifestyle is still the reality for many of us. Without the chains of a desk, Randy shocked himself and his system with new levels of activity. “I’ve actually started logging my rides in a small diary. It’s very rewarding to see my mileage continue to increase.” In a world that is filled to the brim with distractions, it can sometimes be challenging to find time to let your mind simply wander. Randy has found space for mental escape on his solo rides. “The Vika+ is the best stress reliever I’ve ever found. I feel like I am a kid again, riding to explore the world!”

In addition to being the ultimate conversation starter, the Vika+ has advanced Randy’s sense of freedom and adventure. “I see more beauty and cover more territory than I have in years. All I have to do is plug in a charger to activate my new lifestyle.” Range and speed are key components to any ebike, but in order to truly experience the product, you need to pair that with your own drive and zest for life. Randy wakes up every morning ready to explore.