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Stay Safe On The Road With These Tips

Roads weren’t built for ebikes. Nor were they built for cars or motorcycles. Shared roadways were designed to streamline day-to-day activities for everyone. To accomplish this, they were paired with a set of rules that yes, do apply to us all. To stay out of trouble on your next adventure, follow these simple tips.

Be Predictable 

No one is looking for a surprise en route. As an ebiker, you’re small, speedy and hard to see, so don’t go where you’re not expected. Take your time at blind corners and stop for every stop sign. Everyone is just trying to get from A to B in an efficient, safe manner. Do your part to keep the roads clear.

Follow Traffic Laws

For everyone’s peace of mind, ride respectfully. Blix opens up countless opportunities for weaving (and speeding), but while moving with traffic, try to follow it’s patterns. Stick to the bike lanes, watch the lights and give other drivers the space they too need and deserve. Remember, whether you’re driving or riding, there is no need for aggression and the rules are there to keep everyone safe.

 Be Visible

Allowing top speeds of 20 mph and bridging the gap of mobility for many Americans is the always reliable, PAS feature. Short for Pedal Assist Setting and controlled from the up and down buttons on the handlebars, this technology offers five different levels of speed and displays your choice on the LCD screen. Pair a breezy day with level three to experience strength without stress or give your body the chance to unwind at level 5. With a tap of your finger, the whole experience can change so don’t be afraid to test your boundaries. The battery and subtle hum of the motor will be the only clues you have innovation running through your frame.

Make A Signal

“On your right” is far from the only communication you’ll have en route. There are nine basic hand signals that every rider should know before starting their journey.

1. Left turn: Point left with a fully extended left arm.

2. Right turn: Point right with a fully extended right arm.

3. Slowing down: Place an open palm on your lower back, palm facing out. OR Bend the left arm 90 degrees, pointing up.

4. Stop: Form a closed fist at your lower back.

5. Hazard on shoulder: Extend an arm out with an open palm facing the hazard. Then do the slow down signal.

6. Draft: Pat the side of your bum if you’d like the driver behind you to draft on that side

7. Debris/loose gravel: Direct an open plan face down while shaking it.

8. Pull through: Make a sweeping motion with your elbows from the handle bars to signal dropping back into the pack.


Ebikes are picking up speed across the country. A U.S. “Cycle SuperHighway” may not be far out but until then, we must navigate our current infrastructure with awareness and consideration. Keep an eye on your speed, go with the flow of traffic and support your safety (and sense of direction) by following the signs along the way.