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Aveny Design Elements

Think we don’t Aveny exciting things to share about the design elements for one of our best-selling ebikes? Think again. The road and rider have been considered in every step of the design phase for this model. So, in addition to all of the conventional components, we’ve incorporated elements to make every adventure more practical and powerful.

Low Step-Through Frame

This one speaks for itself. The lower frame makes it easy to step-through the bike! Not only does this make starting your journey after a long workday easier, but it’s also more accommodating to injured or older riders, or anyone wearing a skirt or dress (that’s right, no bike shorts required). Whether you’re heading to the ocean or office, any starts and stops will be much easier from your closer-to-ground position. When we consider the Aveny a city commuter ebike, this is one of the main reasons why!

Upright Seating Position

Riders of all shapes and sizes were again considered as we designed the Aveny’s seating position. Unless you’re hoping to qualify for the next Tour de France, you’ll enjoy this more upright position that is better at minimizing joint pain. Instead of hovering over handlebars, you’ll enjoy better visibility and will be able to fully experience the world around you as you cruise around. Something we can probably all use a little help with, it’s better for posture, too!

Included Fenders, Lights, and Rear Rack

Now let’s get into some Aveny accessories. The fenders, lights, and rear rack are included—and custom designed to ensure the best rider experience! So, what makes them special?

  • The battery powers the lights and there’s a cable inside the fender that connects the two.
  • This connection also powers the integrated rear brake lights. To ensure the safest rides, additional stop lights turn on when you brake.
  • The rear rack is also connected to the fender, which combines minimalistic design with maximum stability. It features six smart mounting points and a loading capacity of 55 pounds—so you can accessorize to your heart’s content with bags, baskets, and racks. It’s also ready for quick installation of the Yepp EasyFit child seat.

Front Rack System Customization

Didn’t think we’d leave out the front when designing our modular rack system, did you? It’s also been optimized for mounted accessories on the front head-tube. Designed for maximum stability and support, it has a loading capacity of 50 pounds.

500w Motor and 48V/13ah Battery

If you don’t remember your high school physics class, let us elaborate on this high-capacity battery and powerful motor. It all starts with location. The battery is located underneath the seat for low center of gravity . Similarly, the geared hub motor can be found in the rear wheel, which allows you to summit steep hills or ride with ease with a heavy load (up to 270 pounds). These two combined give you up to 45 miles per charge and 500w of continuous power output.

Throttle up to 20mph

Here’s where that 500w motor comes in! Using the thumb throttle on the left side of the handlebars, you can reach speeds of up to 20mph. Wanting a workout or riding with kids on board? No worries, just adjust the pedal assist level. There are 5 different PAS levels to choose from: level 0 will offer no assist and level 5 will get you closer to those high speeds of 20mph. Steep hills? No sweat, PAS can help here, too. Like traditional bikes, the Aveny is also equipped with 7-speed RevoShift gears. Shift easily by twisting with your right hand. High speeds can be reached on the highest gear and you can make that hill seem a lot lower by shifting to low gears.

Large Display with USB Port

No toolbox required to change the PAS level. Located on the user-friendly front display, you’ll be able to adjust the level of pedal assist, control the LED lights, and check your battery life, trip distance, and speed. Tech lovers, rejoice—the display also has a USB port for charging your phone or speaker.

New Colors

We’ve considered everything with this ebike—and the Aveny aesthetics are no exception! We want each ride to be playful, yet sophisticated and elegant. That said, choose between Nu Cream, Burgundy, Slate Gray, and Steel Blue colors. Now that you know all that this ebike can do, be sure to read about what YOU can do to get pedaling on the right foot. Happy riding!