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All About the Blix Ultra

April 19, 2022

The Ultra lets you do it all. It’s all-terrain and infinitely customizable, making it perfect for fast blasts on trails or long rides with heavy loads. Whether it finds use in the city or a forest, it’s the adventure companion you’ve been waiting for. Consider the world your playground—and the Ultra your new favorite plaything.

It’s Ultra Versatile

The Ultra is an all-terrain bike, but it’s also an all-use bike. Between enabling mud-splattered adventures and serving as your ride to the dentist, it can do anything. As one of the most versatile Blix models yet, the Ultra is perfect for your daily commute, but it truly shines when it comes to tough handling of rough roads, easy gliding over gravel-filled routes, and smooth cycling over all types of terrain.

Built with an obsessively high level of attention to detail and safety, it can handle anything Mother Nature throws its way, too. The Ultra is your answer for going off-road, on-road, in any condition.

It’s Fitted With Impressive Features

Go the Distance with a Dual Battery System

Equipped with a dual-battery system, you’ve got a total of 1,334Wh of juice. Both batteries are automatically used to ensure that you won’t come to a standstill if one runs out. What does this mean for your heavy loads or cute human passengers? A very impressive range of up to 80 miles.

Stay Connected, Conveniently

Service reminders, troubleshooting issues, PAS settings, and system updates are available at a thumb’s reach. Conveniently located in the Bluetooth-enabled handlebar display, you’ll have everything you need to keep your Ultra operating optimally—plus a handy place to charge your devices.

Feel the Need for Speed?

The Ultra is the fastex Blix bike yet. The Class 3 ebike is equipped with a powerful hub motor that makes reaching top speeds of 28mph a breeze. In no hurry to get to work? You can easily switch from Class 3 to Class 2 through the app to enjoy a more casual commute.

Fat Tires to Float Over Anything

Whether sand or snow, city streets or gravel paths, fat 26x4” low-pressure tires are like a dream come true. They’ll glide over anything so that you can enjoy a smoother ride.

It’s Primed for Accessorizing

Ultra Rear Rack

With the launch of the Ultra comes the launch of many accessories you can equip it with. This includes the Ultra Rear Rack—which transforms the Ultra into an even more versatile fat tire ebike.

Heavy duty and capable of carrying up to 150lbs, the rack is ready for passengers or cargo, on or off-road. Even better, it features mounting points that are compatible with other Blix accessories, so it can be further modified to meet your needs. Carry equipment through the desert or kiddos to soccer practice—and never worry about having to leave anything behind.

Mini VIP Section

Trade the minivan for the Mini VIP. It makes the Utility even better suited for transporting kids to school, the beach, or anywhere in between. For little ones, the Thule Yepp child seat pairs perfectly for additional safety. For older kids, the Rear Rack cushion or Passenger Seat ensure maximum comfort.

Passenger Seat

With a thicker, taller cushion and more space for adult legs, the Passenger Seat supports a cushier ride. Warning: it may make thingstoo comfortable, so be prepared to have people mistake you and the Ultra for a pedal-powered taxi service.

Passenger Foot Pegs

To help keep “all arms and legs inside the ride at all times,” the Passenger Foot Pegs attach to the Ultra Rear Rack, giving your adult passenger a place to rest their feet. When you’re riding solo, they can fold away securely against the frame of the bike.

The Ultra is Ready When You Are—Wherever You Are

Whether the local dirt trails have been calling your name, or you’re just looking for a more eco-conscious way to get to work, the versatile Ultra is your answer. It’s suitable for 365 days of riding a year and countless customization options. Fun, fast, and functional, the Ultra is here to help you explore all that life has to offer.