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All About the Blix Dubbel

Good things come in small packages—and the Dubbel is no exception. While this new Blix bike is super compact and easy to maneuver, it’s got the utility and usefulness of something much larger. Designed to be a social bike, this Blix model puts the ‘fun’ in functionality. Equipped to hold a full-grown adult on the back, the Dubbel is your new ride to date night, game night, and so much more.

With a rear rack that has a cargo capacity of 200 pounds, you can cruise around with an adult, teenager, or kid in tow. Heading out to the farmer’s market or a weekend at your favorite camping spot? Bringing an excited kiddo along or wanting to impress a first date? Here are some ways to make the most of the Dubbel’s impressive modularity:

Unlimited Social Adventures

Dubbel Frame Bag

Taking advantage of the Dubbel’s V-shaped frame, the Dubbel Frame Bag mounts easily to allow for maximized smart storage. It’ll keep items safe and secure, and accessing them will be oh-so convenient.

Dubbel Wheel Guards

Protect your passengers with Dubbel Wheel Guards. A perfect solution for flowy skirts and wandering fingers, they provide a barrier so that nothing gets stuck in the spokes. They attach easily with velcro straps and pair perfectly with these other accessories.

Mini VIP

Speaking of passengers, the Mini VIP is your go-to for riding with little ones! Whether you’re heading to surf lessons or second grade, this add-on provides a safer ride. Compatible with comfortable Rear Rack Cushions or the Thule Yepp child seat, it’s great to have if you’ll be riding with two.

Passenger Seat

Don’t think we forgot about comfort for older riders! The Passenger Seat has a thicker, taller cushion to ensure a cushier ride and extra leg room for taller friends and family.

Everyday Utility. Amazing Performance.

Not only is the Dubbel able to carry a lot, but it has the capacity to go the distance. Thanks to the exceptional performance of a dual-battery system, you’ll have access to 1,228Wh of juice. The Dubbel automatically uses both so that you can continue riding even when one runs out.

What does this mean for your daily school drop-offs or nights out with that someone special? A range of 80 miles for long riding, even with heavy loading.

Cool, Calm, and Connected.

What’s a bike without a Bluetooth-enabled handlebar display? This is the 21st century, after all. Supporting your next adventure, this technology connects you with the new Blix phone app. For safety and streamlined riding, troubleshooting, PAS settings, service reminders, and system updates will be available at your fingertips. With a USB charging port, you can also plug in while you pedal.

Urban. Suburban. Ride Through it All.

Whether a cruise through the neighborhood or a quick commute to your local cafe is on the agenda, the Dubbel is ready to get you there. It’s technically a Class 2 eBike, but it’s capable of more. With the option to switch it to a Class 3 eBike, you can access speeds of up to 28 mph. Take your time or satisfy the need for speed. You do you.

The Dubbel Makes Your Next Adventure Doable.

The Dubbel is designed for utility and socialization. What more could you want from a high-performance eBike? Wherever you’re going and whoever you’re riding with, this new bike from Blix is here and ready to make your life more exciting. Do more and see more, with the people you love.