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Accessorizing Your Sol

You know what goes well with cruising around town? Accessories. Fortunately, with the Sol, the possibilities for accessorizing are endless. Think of your ebike as an extension of you and your own unique style and personality. Thanks to smart mounting points, you can add Blix baskets, racks, and bags to your heart’s content. Here are a few ways you can make them work best for you.

Add swag and prevent splashes

There’s no better look for a classic cruiser than durable, aluminum Sol Eclipse Fenders! Not only will you look like someone out of the 1950’s, but the matching fenders will also protect you from dirt and water.

Carry everything you need for your hobbies

Whether you’re getting ready to cook or craft, there’s nothing handier than a basket in front of you as you cruise around. Fill it with your most recent obsession and never worry about it spilling or turning as the bike does.

The Front Basket gives you seven color options and the ability to carry 50 pounds. Did we mention it has an integrated cup hold? Sip in style, my friend.

Consider it your workout buddy

Not only will you get the blood pumping with a little light (or strenuous) exercise on your bike, but you can also compliment your ride to help out with other exercise and wellness activities.

Aesthetically pleasing and functional, you can match the color of your bike to a Sol Rear Rack, and use it to mount a Large Basket. Then load it up with everything you need to break a sweat, or relax afterwards with.

Bring everything you need, for any adventure

That rear rack? It’s also compatible with the water-resistant Smart Pannier Bag, Everyday Bag, and City Tote—taking your carrying capacity to the next level with cargo bags that transform to stylish cross-body bags once you arrive at your destination.

Before you get to the office or your favorite nature spot, secure pannier clips keep the bag attached while riding, meaning no worries about whatever it’s carrying. Laptop? Camping gear? Swimsuit and snacks? What will you put in yours?

Dress it up for connecting with friends and family

Birthday cake? There’s a place for that, too. With the Front Rack and Platform, you’ve got a flat and functional place to carry whatever’s needed for fun. It can hold 50 pounds, perfect for a cooler of ice cold beverages or fresh out-of-the-oven pizzas.

The Sol might be just what you need to cruise, carry, and live life to the fullest.