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5 Things to Know Before Your First Ride

August 09, 2021

The days of spontaneous day trips, roadside picnics and staying out past sunset have arrived. And while the swaying trees and starry skies may trigger memories of the past, these bike models are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Blix lives in the future and the care and precision built into each model is meant to unlock a new way through life. Don’t hesitate to tap into the power humming at your feet by following these simple tips.


Charging and Locking the Battery 

Vika+ bike on driveway 

Upon arrival and after assembly, the first thing you’ll want to do is charge your Blix. The power box and cord supplied with each model works with any two prong outlet and are best used in dry, temperature controlled areas. You can also easily check the indicator on the battery itself by pressing the button towards the bottom of your battery. The indicator LEDs will light up depending on the level of your charge. On the rear battery, there are 4 LEDs directly on the battery, 3 green and 1 red. The green LEDs will slowly deplete until only the red LED remains, indicating that the battery is empty. The absence of any light indicates that the battery is completely empty, and will need to be charged for a while before you are able to check the levels again. Step two is locking the battery onto your frame properly. The seat is adjustable, providing easy access to the battery’s dedicated slot. Turn the battery to the unlocked position with the key (you’ll see a metal prong move in and out) and slide the battery on to the frame. Once snuggly in its place, insert the key and lock it tight. Having an unlocked battery can cause it to bounce out of place en route so it’s always wise to double check before hitting the throttle on your next escape.


Adjusting the Seat

adjusting seat

Each Blix is meant to adapt to your preferences. Whether you’re exploring the city with kids in the VIP section or cruising solo around the park, nothing should get in the way of your journey (especially comfort). Settle in to your new ride by raising or lowering the seat to your ideal position. Along with the motor, the power comes from your legs so it's best to accommodate a seat height where they can fully extend while pedaling. When standing next to the bike, the leather seat should be right around hip height.


 Leveraging PAS

Allowing top speeds of 20 mph and bridging the gap of mobility for many Americans is the always reliable, PAS feature. Short for Pedal Assist Setting and controlled from the up and down buttons on the handlebars, this technology offers five different levels of speed and displays your choice on the LCD screen. Pair a breezy day with level three to experience strength without stress or give your body the chance to unwind at level 5. With a tap of your finger, the whole experience can change so don’t be afraid to test your boundaries. The battery and subtle hum of the motor will be the only clues you have innovation running through your frame.


Learning the Buttons

Small but mighty, the upper button on the left side of your handlebars can do a lot more than raise your PAS speed. By holding it down for three seconds, you’ll be greeted with a bright set of LED lights from the front and rear. This feature is meant to empower rides at all times (rain or shine). As long as the battery is charged, you’re free to explore the scenery of your hometown at any pace you’d like. Once you’re ready to call it a night, hold down the same button to initiate walk mode. This setting brings the bike to an average walking speed of 3-4 miles per hour, making every driveway climb a walk in the park.


 Finding the Best Helmet and Lock

Safety is the key to any adventure. While paving new tracks on quiet roads, ensure you’re not only powerful, but protected by sporting a helmet. There are options of all styles and shapes, but some of our riders’ favorites are Thousand and Bern. While you’re at it, pick up a lock to safeguard your frame. When stopping for a coffee or meeting friends at the beach, rest easy knowing your Blix is safe with a sturdy anti-theft device. While we recommend a U-Lock or Shackle Lock, there are many locks compatible with ebikes on the market. And it’s easy to keep both on hand with Blix bags and baskets.

Pair your knowledge with the power of an instant throttle and watch your backyard expand. The advantages of an ebike go on and on and now that you understand the feature-rich Blix, so will you.