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5 Reasons E-Bikes Can Restore The World

June 05, 2021


Everything we’ll ever need is provided by the Earth. Only, as humans have made their mark, the equation has changed. Seas that were once filled with life are now home to plastic and natural disasters are increasing in frequency and severity each year. While it may feel like there have been too many wrongs to make this right, we can fight. World Environment Day was established in 1972 by The UN General Assembly in an effort to do just that. Many things can be done to restore the beauty of our world, but it all starts with a choice. A decision to live better, cleaner and healthier for yourself and all those sharing our planet. For these five reasons and so many more, an ebike is a great place to start. 


Clear The Roads  

In America alone, there are more than 286.9 million registered vehicles. Yes, energy efficient models are hitting the market every day, however they remain out of the budget for a majority of Americans. Rather than reaching for your checkbook, grab the handlebars of a gas-free, high-speed e-bike. Not only will you protect the environment (and roads) from one less source of carbon, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of front row parking and fresh air.



Prevent Air Pollution  

In many cities, you only have to look up to see the effects of climate change. Smog in itself is very harmful to the body, but when combined with high-pressure weather conditions, it can be deadly. In fact, during 1952 lethal smog covered the entire city of London, leaving little escape and too many unfortunate deaths. There are many sources of pollution that we cannot control, but when it comes to personal transport, we decide how we move from A to B. On average, a passenger car emits 0.78 pounds of CO2 per mile, and that’s assuming you’re following the speed limit. Mile after mile, car over car, these numbers encase cities in greenhouse gases. The solution has been around for a while, transforming cities and infrastructure overseas, but it’s only now Americans are starting to leverage the benefits of an ebike’s zero-emission motor. To catch up to our goals, we need to ride together. Choose to be a part of the solution, rather than the problem with a form of transportation that supports the ground you cover.



Minimize Carbon Footprints   

Once we take out the trash, fill up the tank and dispose of unwanted plastic, it’s easy to forget the impact of these habits. Only, the wrappers and shoes of last season aren’t going anywhere. They’re piling up in landfills and devastating sea life across the world. Out of sight out of mind is no longer an option. As a country and individually, we need to start taking responsibility for our carbon footprints. Make a change on the coast while paralleling a sun soaked horizon. An ebike offers adventure, leisurely fun and 360 views, all while leaving tracks rather than a footprint. With a lithium battery and zero-emission motor, traveling no longer needs to be harmful. You’re free to roam and enjoy the passing scenery, knowing with each mile that you’re taking strides to protect it. 



Reduce Fossil Fuel Reliance   

There are many things we need to have a fulfilled life, but fossil fuels aren’t one of them. Our reliance on this resource, along with our method of extraction is contributing to global tension and wreaking havoc on our seas, land and communities. Putting gas in the car is not a temporary solution, it’s one more nail in our planet’s coffin. Change the score by putting your foot down on some pedals. As more and more people make a move, the trends and industries will follow. Be a leader with up to 80 miles of range and various colors.


Support Health And Happiness

The Earth is a shared resource. Each member of our population has an impact, an energy that either adds to the scenery or casts a shade. And while we can’t change the weather, we are in control of the path we take. Break the trend of monotonous traffic and street lights and explore a tree lined street with an open mind. In the wake of Covid-19, our population’s health and wellness has to take precedence. A country in pain will not be strong enough for the fight we have ahead. Make movement easy and sustainable with pedal assist and a throttle while reveling in the benefits of fresh air and Vitamin D. The outdoors will become more accessible and daily activities such as grocery shopping can twist into an adventure. Change is possible. It’s just a matter of will and awareness. Get on your feet and chase down the life you deserve.   



The sun, the sky, the raging waters and towering trees are the foundation of life. Regardless of what you see on TV, the future is not a guarantee unless we support them. Cleaning the world of toxins and outdated policy has to start somewhere. Why not start in your backyard with Blix?