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3 Tips To Avoid A Flat Tire

June 25, 2021


It’s 70 and sunny, the path is perfect and the smell of fresh flowers is in the air. The last thing you need is a flat. To keep your tires full and your smile wide, consider these three tips before your next ride.


 Head For Open Roads  

Just like your mind, it’s best to keep your tires out of the gutter. Often bumpy and filled with debris, these shallow sections could be housing a number of objects your tires don’t want to dance with. Rather, steer for the wide open streets and ride defensively as you do it. Life isn’t a race and the end game is to enjoy it. Settle into your seat and let Blix take it from there.


Pump Up Performance

At Blix, we’re all about fresh air. While claiming for the mind and restorative for the body, it’s also the secret to strong and supportive tires. Add some extra cushion between you and the road by making the time for an extra pump or two. If done even once a month, this action can reduce the chances of getting a pinch flat, an issue that comes up when the tire is compressed by the rim while riding on a hard road.


 Take A Closer Look 

You never know what you could be hiding in your tires. And as such, whether you’re riding on city streets or rural roads, it’s best to examine your entire bike before and after riding. That way, if something is lodged within your treds, you’ll have the chance to get it out before any serious damage is caused. A dental pick, needle nose pliers or a sharp blade can all do in a pinch.


Life will never be paved. And in any case, it would be boring that way. Twist and turns lead us to the best adventures and what’s unplanned is often the most fun. To keep the good times rolling (and air in your tires), just consider these Blix tips along the way.