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Karen Conquers Niagara Falls

September 16, 2019

Karen is an avid Blix Aveny rider with many great adventures to share, including her recent ride through Niagara Falls. In this Blix Journal, learn why Karen chose Blix and how she has found a fun community to explore her city and beyond by ebike.


Karen decided to purchase her Blix Aveny online because of "the on-line stellar reviews." She conducted a lot of research on the Blix Aveny and "couldn't be happier with [her] bike and the quality customer service [she] received from Blix." After having it built by a local bike shop, she began riding in Caseville Michigan. Her favorite place to ride her Blix is on rail trails and if she could ride anywhere in the world, she would ride "in Europe on a bike river cruise."

Currently, Karen participates in an awesome bike club called the "Thumb EZ Riders" which "is a 40 member bicycle club started in 2011 that consists of 50+ years old adults who ride weekly in different locations throughout the Thumb of Michigan." They "ride every Wednesday about 20 miles throughout the summer months with an average speed of 11 miles per hour." What an impressive and fun way to ride!Karen was "the fourth member of the group to purchase and ebike." Riding is always better together regardless of the type of bike you ride.

Recently, her club went to Niagara Falls for their yearly overnight bike trip. She rode 34 miles to the falls, starting in Niagara on the Lake. We can't wait to see where Karen's next adventure takes her on her Blix!


Special thank you to Karen for sharing her story with us!

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