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Gooch Family: The Joy is in the Journey

"Whether we're going to the beach or up to the mountains or the river, it's less about where we're going, but just getting out and being there..."

-Darshan Gooch

Blix Presents is an ongoing video series celebrating the inspiring stories of riders in the Blix community. Witness the Gooch family’s riding adventures as they navigate the redwoods in Santa Cruz, embracing nature and togetherness.

Tranquil Trails

Meet the Gooch family—Darshan, Grace, Jaya, and Raya—riders in the Blix community whose lives have been transformed by the simple joy of biking together. Nestled in the tranquil redwoods of Santa Cruz, California, they find peace and space in the mountains, a perfect backdrop for their family adventures. "Riding my bike through the forest is a beautiful experience. The smells and scents up here are just amazing. But getting to ride my bike through it with my family, that's special," shares Darshan.

Finding Meaning

The past year has been a period of reflection and change for the Gooch family. their priorities have shifted towards spending meaningful time together and embracing the wonders of nature. "I just want to spend my time with my family, doing things that mean more to me and feed my heart. Being out in nature is at the top of the list," Grace shares. Whether they're riding to the beach or exploring the forest, every journey is a cherished adventure.

"It's really thrilling when you're going fast and then it's, it's kind of scary but fun scary. My dad's a good driver on the bike but I don't know about in the car,"

-Raya Gooch

The Gooch family's story is a testament to the joys of family bonding and the wonders of nature. Join them as they embark on their journeys, creating beautiful memories and finding joy in every moment.