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TreeHugger Reviews the Blix Aveny – "A rock solid, rather pretty, commuter bike."

May 07, 2018

TreeHugger's Sami Grover for part II of his "Yes, e-bikes really are magic" entry, reviews our Blix Low Step Aveny

After following the news regarding e-bikes and having now tried out a couple different bikes himself, Sami admits that electric bikes have the potential to alter the structure of our cities in the near future for the better.

While he admits he is not an electric bike expert, he knows what he likes, "and I really like the Blix Aveny Low Step", states Sami. 

Instead of using his Nissan Leaf, Sami opted for the stylish step-through for all his medium-sized grocery run needs. Using the Blix Front Basket he was able to haul all sorts of goodies such as "large bags of coffee grounds for compost from my local coffee shop."

One of the criticisms of e-bikes has been that using them is cheating because the motor is assisting you as opposed to you doing all the work.

"For purists, they might seem like cheating compared to pedal bikes, for the rest of us they override a large number of the excuses we use for jumping in the car."

On a 14-mile journey to a morning meeting with the Aveny, Sami arrived without breaking a sweat and managed to shave 25 minutes off his expected bike commute while doing it. While he didn't break a sweat, he genuinely felt like he got in a workout on the longer journeys even with the electrical assistance.

While you may not burn as many calories as you would on a push bike, it's certainly a lot more calories burned than if you drive!

Heres a photo of Sami with his bike, he liked it so much he bought it!

Photo Credit: Adeline Grover


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