"This ebike gets a lot right" - EBR reviews the Blix Aveny

April 26, 2018

The Blix Avenywas recently reviewed by Electric Bike Review, the "uniquely styled and well outfitted" bike was also featured in an extended video review that you can watch right here.

The in-depth review by Electric Bike Review covers both the Aveny step-throughand high step models. EBR was impressed by the Aveny's looks, performance and attention to detail — the subtle things that you maybe don't notice right away, but can't live without in the long run.

 Blix's electric Aveny features "one of the quietest and smoothest planetary geared hub motors" tested by EBR. The 350 watt SpinTech motor is designed specifically for Blix electric bikes and provides intuitive power guaranteed to help you conquer any journey, hilly or otherwise.

The plush, extra comfy saddle folds forward to allow you to take out the battery effortlessly to easily charge it indoors.

The Blix Aveny "gets a lot of things right and keeps the price very reasonable."

Read the full review by EBR right here.

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