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Step Into The Blix Showroom

September 17, 2021

Like clothes, houses and in-laws, it’s wise to try before you buy. Ebikes are no exception and to offer our riders a closer look, we brought the Blix Experience Center to life. Try one or try them all, but before making your way to the Santa Cruz headquarters, keep these tips in mind for a great test ride.  

How To Prepare

No appointments need to be made, and you can also find information on location and showroom hours on our Experience Center Page. Then, make your way to the Old Wrigley Building and park in the solar lot across the street. Don’t worry, it’s free and all you need to bring is a helmet.  

What To Expect

Upstairs in the Blix Showroom, the entire lineup is waiting for you. All bikes and accessories are on display and as you tour, a Blix staff member will be there to answer any questions you may have. Only after you’ve had a chance to discuss each model and accessory, it’s time to ride. 
Being located just minutes from Wilder Ranch, Natural Bridges and the new greenway bike path, there is no shortage of scenic routes. The model of your choice (or all four) will be waiting for you downstairs, and with a staff member in tow, you’re free to hit the throttle, test the brakes, and cruise down the California coastline. 

Purchase options 

We sell racks for a reason. It’s possible and encouraged to wrap up your 1-hour tour with a purchase, although we cannot guarantee your choice of color and model will be available. As inventory is always changing, we recommend calling ahead to discuss your purchase options. 
The right ebike is out there, all you need to do is choose. Are you looking for a cargo bike to transport your kids or a quick way through city streets? There are many things to consider, (weight, range, tires, color, etc.) and we’d like to invite you to weigh the options in Santa Cruz. Come down and see which Blix is for you.