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Introducing The New Packa Genie

July 13, 2021


The new Packa Genie grants a lot more than three wishes. Enjoy open ended day trips, a variety of co-pilot combinations and up to 80 miles of range with this feature-rich, family-focused cargo bike. As a group or independently, the world is yours to explore.


 Hydraulic Disc Brakes  

As always, safety comes first. With any ebike, it’s critical to have strong braking power, but when you’re carrying up to 400lbs of cargo (or kids), there is no room for delay. Top of the line and completely sealed from the elements, the new hydraulic disc brake system is designed to provide peace of mind, along with enhanced stopping power and increased durability. As the miles flow into backroads, the entire family can find comfort in the advanced, safety-focused system. And by alleviating the pressure on the brake pads, you’ll enjoy more power with less wear and tear.


750 Watt Motor    

We’re raising the bar (and power) in 2021. Delivering a lot more than just a top speed of 20 mph, the Packa Genie’s 750w motor offers a continuous output of 750w and a peak performance of 1200w. This new level surpasses the previous peak by nearly 300 watts, providing an easy ‘yes’ to countless adventures. Pack an extra cooler, discover a new route, and easily cart a week’s worth groceries through town. Whether you’re climbing a hill or loaded down with cargo, you’ll be free to settle in and enjoy the scenery knowing your motor is firing on all cylinders.


Extended Battery Life 

Increased power, range and performance are supported by Packa Genie’s new 13ah battery. Both reliable and quick-charging, this feature offers an increased range of up to 75 miles per charge, a 23 percent longer range than the previous 10.4ah battery. Answering the question, “‘will the battery last that long?” Catch every sunset with a battery built to last.



Rounding out the new model is a fresh, clean design and three additional colors. The Packa Genie is a ticket to unplanned family time, traffic-free Sundays, and loads of good natured, sustainable fun. Explore the potential of your backyard in Bright White, Slate Gray or Teal. Discover more about the new Packa Genie