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"Foldable, affordable, high quality transport"- ZDNET the Vika+

September 26, 2019

Matthew from ZDNET is an avid ebike commuter who recently decided to put the Blix VIka+ to the test for a month of commuting in Washington state. Among features such as the folding frame, modular rack system, and style, Matthew believes the Vika+ "may be the perfect, affordable solution" for urban commuters. Check out the review in this Blix Journal.


Where Matthew commutes, parking is difficult at the train station and riding through traffic can be dangerous if you can't keep a faster speed. Bringing a large bike on the train or storing in city apartments can be a drag. The Vika+ "is a great solution for those who live in the city with limited storage volume and those who at times to need to carry a lot without access to a car."  Due to its ability to fold, you can put the Vika+ "in a closet under the stairs or pack it into the back of your electric small vehicle." 

Additionally, the Vika+ "offers a lot of high end features and outstanding build quality for a price less than $1700, which is a great price for a bike"especially one with folding abilities! Blix has been able to "create a very well built bike that felt sturdy, looked fantastic in racing green, and was able to handle my 250lbs frame and added 20lbs pack with ease."  

With a 500W motor, "I was able to maintain a slightly faster speed on my uphill return commute when compared to other electric bikes I have tested." Overall, "the hub, battery, and transmission system are more than adequate for most people with a rated range of up to 45 miles on a single charge." 

Out of the box, "the Blix Vika+ was much more impressive than I expected for such an affordable electric bike." Moreover, "with the ability to expand it into a modular carrier, you can use it in the city to move a lot around." After reviewing for a month, "I was very pleased with the quality and performance of the Blix Vika+. With the right setup, it is the perfect solution for commuters."


Thank you Matthew and ZDNET for reviewing the Vika+!

The entire review can be found here.

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