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Life on the Road with Folding Ebikes

May 24, 2019

With Memorial Day weekend approaching and the "semi-official" start of summer travel, what better to celebrate then learning how folding ebikes can take road trips to the next level! Whether traveling by car or RV, the Blix folding electric bike model is an easy travel companion. Below we discuss the benefits of folding ebikes on road trips and check out how some of our full-time RVer affiliates use the Blix Vika+ during their travels.


 Best Bike for Road Trips:

Road trips can be super fun, especially when staying at a campsite or RVing cross-country. Sometimes, however, it can feel like a chore to get back in the car to explore a new town, check out the coast, or even run errands. That is one benefit of bringing a folding ebike along for the journey! Folding ebikes offer an alternative method of exploring and adventuring when on a road trip because riders can enjoy longer bike rides without fear of exhaustion. Additionally, compact folding ebikes can be easily stored in the trunk of a car or in an RV. 

Instead of spending more time in a car or struggling to find parking for the RV, you can quickly unfold the ebike and go! Not only will more time be spent outdoors, travelers can save tremendously on gas expenditures. This extra money could be spent on a nice dinner, souvenirs, or saved for the next trip.

Blix Vika+:

The Blix Vika+ is a great folding ebike option. Depending on the size of car trunk or RV, choosing a folding ebike that is convenient and easy to store is important.The Vika+ has a 48V battery, 500W motor, 5 levels of pedal assist and a throttle. You can ride for miles, reach 20 mph, and conquer any hill with ease. The Vika+ comes in chic colors such as racing green and cream. It also has smart mounting points which means you can add Blix baskets, racks, and bags!

Life on the Road with a Blix:

For firsthand experience of life on the road with a Blix folding ebike, you can check out how RVLove, Slow Car Fast Home, and Mavis the Airstream use their Blix Vika+ ebikes during their RV travels. 

Mavis the Airstream says "These foldable electric bikes are a game changer for us as we travel!" 

RVLOVE is also a big fan of the Vika+ stating, "The Vika+ folds up very compact to store in our car or our RV. It allows Julie to keep up with Marc on long rides and even leave him in the dust, especially on hills." 

Even if you don't plan on road tripping for ever, the folding ebikes will add to any adventure!


 Learn how SlowCarFastHome explored the West Coast on a Vika+ here

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