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Survive Your Summer Commute

July 12, 2017

Biking to work is all fun and games until mid-July hits and those high temps linger in the atmosphere on your ride home. But still, riders persevere and ride their bikes to work. Wondering how? A little planning and awareness will go a long way. 

Go Electric: Skip the sweat all together and get there in a breeze with an e-bike. Arguably the best part of an electric bike is that you can get from A to B without all the sweat. Which is a total game changer when you're trying to get to work mid summer and still look presentable.

Stay Hydrated: Even if you made the jump to an e-bike staying hydrating is still crucial. Absolutely key to keeping cool on a hot day, drinking water before you ride out will help you avoid dehydration. Sweating is your bodies way of regulating temperature, but it also can expedite dehydration. Even if it's a short ride, start drinking water before you head out to give yourself a good boost.

Skip the backpack: If you wear backpacks you've probably experienced the less than desirable back sweat that is left after walking around with it on. Not ideal when you get to work and have a big ole sweat stain on the back of your shirt. Take a load off and get yourself a bike basket or side panniers! After the first ride, you'll be hooked.

Consider the Clothes: Even though when riding an e-bike you're saving yourself a considerable amount of sweat- it's still a good idea to dress wisely. On the days that are both hot and sunny, you'll want to consider protecting your skin with loose long clothing to avoid a sunburn. Linen is a great option as it is a light breathing fabric that protects your skin but still allows you to stay cool. 

Sunscreen: Although I hope you don't need this reminder: wear sunscreen! Keep from getting burned and slather some on before each ride. Yes, this means to apply at least twice before you head out in the morning, and before you head home at night. Keep a bottle in your backpack or in your desk so there's always some around.

Switch Up Your Route: When the sun isn't blazing on your back you might not realize that your commute is in direct sunlight. If at all possible, look for a different route that is more shaded to help yourself from getting scorched on the way.


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