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Breaking News: Blix Electric Bikes can Fly!

April 01, 2019

This just in-- Blix Electric Bikes have been reported to be seen flying through towns around the United States! Blix riders are able to lift off the ground using their pedal assist or throttles when riding. Riders can now take their riding to another level by pedaling through the sky and enjoying the views from above! Beating traffic has never been easier with a flying electric bike! Check out our latest blog on the 5 steps to flying on your Blix Bike this April!


5 Steps to Fly on your Blix:

  1. Turn on your battery and display: make sure your battery is charged!
  2. Choose your level of pedal assist: depending on how fast you want to go and how much exercise you are wanting, the different levels will either provide more or less support (level 0 being no assist at all).
  3. Start pedaling on your desired path.
  4. Keep pedaling until your front, then back tires leave the ground.
  5. Fly on your Blix to your next destination: We recommend keeping a steady speed to maintain maximum flying distance! Also, follow all flying regulations in your area and wear proper protective gear (helmet and goggles).

Follow these 5 simple steps and you will be flying on your Blix e-bike in no time! Flight speed of 20 mph is recommended for fastest arrival. Are you ready to beat the traffic, gain a new perspective, and be active? Be sure to fly your Blix this spring!



While Blix Riders are unable to actually take flight on their bikes, the pedal assist and throttle can definitely make you feel like you are flying through traffic, exploring farther, and reaching max activity levels! Plus, the 5 steps listed above (besides number 4) are great for starting your ride or learning how to operate an electric bike.

Happy Riding :) 

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