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E-Bike Financing with Klarna

May 06, 2019

Here at Blix eBikes, we strive to make sure that our bikes are competitively priced and available to as many people as possible. Using Klarna, we have found a way to offer finance plans that help more people get back on a bike, use an alternative method of transportation, and regain a love for the outdoors. Learn more about Klarna and how to finance a Blix bike below!

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 What is Klarna?

Klarna is an affordable and flexible financing plan aiming to help make online shopping easier and reduce the financial pressure of larger purchases. It offers payment options which allow customers to split up their bike payments.

What type of payment plans are available?

Klarna offers a "Slice it. Pay over time" option which calculates the monthly payment for the bike and includes a reduced APR. Some payments are as low as $91/ month! Plus, you can also choose an option to pay the full amount within 12 months and not be charged interest. Klarna also emails you when payments are due to ensure you are not charged a late fee.

How can I use Klarna to purchase my Blix Bike?

Purchasing a Blix e-bike through Klarna financing is super simple and only requires 10 easy steps to adding an electric bike to your lifestyle at a great price.

  1. Choose the Blix Bike you want
  2. Head to checkout
  3. Fill out the contact information
  4. Add your shipping address
  5. Choose free shipping
  6. Once you reach the payment stage, click "Slice it. Pay over time with Klarna"
  7. After you choose "complete order," you will be redirected to a screen with your Klarna payment options
  8. Choose the payment plan that best suits you
  9. Create an account and fill-in basic info which will determine in seconds if you are approved
  10. Confirm your order and you are all set!

Best Perks of Choosing Klarna:

Choosing Klarna is a great option for purchasing your Blix ebike because it doesn't delay shipping or the date you receive the bike! Once your order is placed and approved by Klarna, Blix will ship the bike (assuming it is not backordered!). Additionally, it allows you to add an electric bike without having to wait until pay day. Rather than worrying about a large credit card bill, you will be able to enjoy your exercise, sustainable choice, and adventures even more. Klarna makes treating yourself just that much more doable.

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