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Komfort Prima Review

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The Blix Komfort Prima was recently tested and reviewed by Electric Bike Action Magazine, one of the leading electric bike publications in U.S. Describing it as "cycling with simple, clean designs in nice colors, but more important, modernized with motorized assist." , the review captures the essence of this e-bike's blend of classic design with modern technology.

Insider tip: If you want to carry things with you, and think that a beautifully designed front basket with wooden bamboo plate and integrated drink holder for your afternoon coffee is something for you - make sure to add the Blix basket to your new Komfort Prima!

Insider tip #2: Make sure to take advantage of the holiday sales that gives you a whopping $300 off the regular price of Komfort Prima.


True to its name, the Komfort Prima is built for comfortable riding, making it a great choice for daily ebike commuting or weekend leisure riding:

"This is one of the most comfortable bikes we’ve ridden all year. The ride quality is very high, and there’s ample and quiet power from the Shimano motor."


"This is a comfort bike in the truest sense of the word. It’s perfect for weekend rides on country roads, jaunts through town or even as a daily commuter. It’s a versatile bike that does well carrying home loads of veggies from the farmers’ market as it is carrying books to class or going out for a leisurely ride."


Some of the highlighted features were the easy to read LED display, the high performance disc brakes and the quality motor system by Shimano, which create great value at this price point.

"the bike offers some impressive features at this price point. Not just the great motor, but things like Tektro hydraulic brakes are easy to modulate and provide ample stopping power and speed control."


Blix electric bike shimano steps display

The LED display was reviewed as well-contrasted and easy to use. The fact that the battery indicator shows charge percentage as apposed to a bar or graph makes it very easy to understand how much power you have left. As a matter of fact, you can actually see the exact mileage you have left depending on what power level you're using!


This article captures the overall design features of this model very well, highlighting not only the many interesting tech specs that electric bikes usually have, but also the overall comfortable and seamless riding experience that are at the core of Blix bike design.


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