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  • Vika [vee-kah]: to fold in Swedish. Unfold the versatility.

    Combine the convenience of a folding bike, the versatility of a full-featured commuter bike, add electric assist and you get the Vika+. It's a breeze to hop on the low-step frame and ride to work, the coffee shop or wherever life takes you.



    30-Day Trial

    We’re confident you’ll love your Blix ebike, so we give you 30 days to try it. If you don't love it, you can return it.

    Free Shipping & Assembly

    Your bike is shipped for free (in the lower 48) and assembled for no additional cost at a local bike shop near you.

    Reliable Support

    Never ride alone, we're here to help. Local stores, phone, chat, email, social—you name it, we're on it.

    3-year Warranty

    All Blix electric bikes come with an exceptional 3-year warranty on frames & 2-years on all tech.



    Foldable & Powerful

    The Vika+ is more powerful and offers a longer assist range than most folding ebikes. It conveniently folds away so you can load it in a car, RV, or transit; or store it in your home or office without taking up valuable space.

    Easy and Stable Riding

    The bike's geometry is specifically designed for a stable riding experience, comfortably upright seating position to make ebiking easy. The low- step frame option makes it easy to hop on or off the ebike anytime.

    Fully Equipped

    The Vika+ comes with a rear rack so you can bring things with you wherever you go. It has fenders to let you ride in rain or shine. It also features an integrated front & rear LED light, controlled from the display and powered directly by the battery.


    Smart Battery Design

    To optimize riding experience, the battery is placed low under the rider’s weight to provide an even weight distribution and a very low center of gravity. The result: a stable, sturdy and pleasant riding experience.

    To charge the battery, simply plug it into a standard wall outlet, either off or on the bike — the seat flips up for easy access if you choose to remove! You can also lock the battery to the frame with the provided key. Isn’t it nice when things are easy?

    Long Range

    Charge Time
    3-4 hours

    25,000 miles
    (500-800 charging cycles)

    Easy Display for Easy Riding

    The display is where you control your bike and customize your ride. Switch between 4 levels of electric pedal assist whenever you want, or turn it off completely and ride it like a regular bike.

    See how fast you're going

    Pedal assist level
    4 levels of pedal assist

    Battery Life
    Always know how many miles you can go

    Measure your rides!

    Track how many miles of electric smiles you rack up

    LED Lights
    Control the front and rear LED lights.


    Folding Frame & Handlebar

    When getting ready to fold n’ go, it starts with the smart design of the folding frame and handlebars.

    Folding Pedals

    A unique feature to making this ebike fold smartly. The pedals securely tuck in to the frame to allow a compact fit when folded.

    Frame Magnets

    When the folding is complete, strong magnets hold the front and rear section of the bike together, allowing you to carry with ease.


    7-speeds to change and adjust during your ride. A great partner to the 4 electric assist levels, allowing you have the most control of your ride.


    With the thumb throttle you have the option to not pedal at all whenever you feel like it, go at your command. Ideal for getting up to speed again after all those red lights and stop signs!


    With a 350W brushless geared hub motor, you’ll experience a lighter and more efficient ride than direct hub motor while still getting the power you need.

    LED Lights

    Stocked with front and rear lights that are integrated into the frame and powered by your bike’s battery. Activated during your ride, they also have built-in reflectors to be visible anytime during your ride.

    Brake Auto Cut-off

    Ride knowing that your protected from any unwanted motion forward when your brakes are engaged, as the battery power is cut-off when brake levers are pressed.

    Optional Bag

    Add the Blix carrying bag to your new Vika+ and make it even easier to take your ebike with you wherever you go. Fold it into a small bag and hang it on the rear rack to always keep it with you.

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    Heidi N. Verified Buyer
    United States
    • City Plano
    • I ride for? Leisure
    • Miles riding per week? 50+

    Love my bike

    This was an easy process from beginning to end. I was a bit nervous ordering a bike online but Blix kept me updated at every step and the local bike store they chose to assemble my bike was awesome. Since I’ve had the bike I’ve ridden it almost every day and it’s been everything I hoped for. I ride with my hound dog and the throttle allows me to maintain about 7.5mph which is exactly the right speed for him. Huck loves the bike almost as much as I do because he can get the excercise he craves

    Marci M. Verified Buyer
    United States
    • City Saint Paul, MN
    • I ride for? Leisure
    • Miles riding per week? 10 - 20

    2 Vika+ bikes

    I purchased Vika+ bikes for my husband and myself this Christmas. Because we live in Minnesota, we took a road trip to Nashville in order to have a chance to ride where it was warmer. To our delight, we can fit both bikes into our Prius along with suitcases. Overall, we love the bikes. I am sure we will get a lot of use out of them when the weather is warmer (It is below zero here today!) I was disappointed to find the front fender rubbing the day after I bought it. I held it up with a rubber band and it seems to have adjusted now. It no longer rubs with or without the rubber band. Some women have complained that the bike is hard to fold. It is, but I’m over 65 and can fold it up by myself. Lifting it is another matter. I get help with that. My husband also has some comments. I am including them below. “Both my wife and I have the Vika+, and in general we really like them, but there are a few items which I would change. First, although the handle bar grips are wider than normal, and thus are easier on your hands than standard round grips, they are still not as comfortable as the Ergon grips I have on another bike. I am not sure how the grips of the Vika+ are attached so am not sure if it is possible to easily replace the existing grips with the Ergons. Second, The magnetic disk which is intended to hold the bike together when folded does not work on my bike - the two disks simply do not align no matter how they are adjusted. Even if it did work, it is a rather kludgy, frail design, not matching the elegance of the rest of the bike. I think the bike shop I got the bike from had the same problem with alignment, as only half of the disks were installed when I picked up the bike. I am currently in the process of getting feedback from Blix on this alignment issue, and so far they are good at getting back to me. My wife’s bike aligns well enough to work as intended, but mine does not. Third, the folding pedals do not allow toe clips to be attached, and riding without them is rather slippery. This, however, is at least fixable by replacing the folding pedals with quick release pedals that do allow toe clips. I tried a temporary fix of Velcro straps which are used on fixies, but it is difficult to secure the second foot. One has to bend over while moving to secure this foot, and the side of the pedal is too slippery to make this easy. There are 4 assist levels plus one level of no assist, but the battery may turn off if riding with no assist. This would be ok, except this also turns off the odometer and other control panel features. I do like the battery shutting down if not in use, but not so much while riding the bike. The knob that secures the handlebars when upright has loosened on me while riding, so I need to be sure this is firmly tightened and checked occasionally. We do not intend to return our bikes, as overall we are quite pleased with them, but be sure to read about the qualifiers on returning the bike within 30 days (check when the 30 days start and the significant restocking fee for example) if this is an issue for you.”

    Julio S. Verified Buyer
    United States
    • City Schenectady, New york
    • I ride for? Leisure
    • Miles riding per week? 0 - 10

    I am in love with my Blix!!

    I love my blix. The ride is amazing. I love the pedal assist. I only tried 1 and 2 that was fast enough for me ****. I'm still scared to try the throttle but will when it warms up outside. It is really heavy for me to carry, even when folded. So if you think you can carry this up a flight of stairs easily think again. It does help if you remove the battery but its still heavy. I really love the look. It's bike candy for sure. I live in a pretty rough place so i got a good lock. Can't wait for the snow to melt so i can ride this baby.

    Erwin Verified Buyer
    • City East Bay Area, California
    • I ride for? Commuting
    • Miles riding per week? 20 - 30


    I bought this bike because I have no means of transportation as I cannot drive. I've been thinking about biking but I live on a very steep hill that would be painful to climb every time I leave. With the Vika+ I was able to go virtually anywhere with ease while still being able to bike regularly should I want to exercise. The motor on the bike makes climbing hills a breeze. I couldn't be happier.

    Darrell van Ness Verified Buyer
    • City Bellevue and Arroyo Grande
    • I ride for? Shopping
    • Miles riding per week? 40 - 50

    Rolling Easy

    Have 2 Vikas. One in a California hilly town and the other in Metro Seattle. Both are joyful on uphill routes. Using ECO mode have attained 60 miles on a single charge. Have been able to attach a Burley trailer for heavy weight hauls. Took a while but eventually learned the technique of starting from zero without zig zagging to go uphill.