Komfort+ (discontinued)

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    The Komfort+

    We love the The Komfort+, but it has now been discontinued. But check out the Aveny which is a similar ebike with even more features!


    This traditionally designed e-bike will turn heads with its classic styling and detailed accents. From the faux-leather seat to the ergonomic grips, the Komfort+ was designed with a plush feeling in mind. With options in both small and medium size frames, the unisex Komfort+ is also able to accommodate a wide range of riders. It also sports built in battery powered LED lights for confidence and safety. When you want to bike in style and ease, the Komfort+ is your best choice.


    Gears: 7-speed
    Motor: 350w
    Brakes: V-brakes
    Battery: Panasonic, 96Wh or 630Wh (36V / 11Ah or 17.4Ah)
    Weight: 49 lbs Range: Up to 40-60 miles/charge
    Speed: 20mph
    Re-charge: 3 hours



    • Blix Electric Bikes are powered by the Spin Tech™ system, a fully automated, electric pedal assist system with four levels of power. You can control the amount of exercise you get by based on the selected level, or turn it off completely. Either way, the hand throttle control is always available to power your ride.


      The controller panel displays riding info such as current speed, distance traveled, time traveled and average speed on your commute. From the controller panel you also control the integrated front & rear LED lights. Cycling has never been easier or more fun!


      All Blix bikes are equipped with a Panasonic lithium-ion battery, placed under the saddle for a low center of gravity. You can easily lock the battery to the bike or carry it with you by flipping the saddle and taking it out. To charge the battery, simply plug it into a regular wall outlet, either attached to or off of the bike. You never need to wait for the battery to fully discharge. However, a full charge only takes three hours, so you can easily let it power back up during the workday or between errands.



    Simplicity at its best

    The Komfort+ is a one of a kind electric bike. With a timeless design and clean looks, the Komfort+ not only allows for a comfortable ride, but a revolutionary balance of practical and beautiful design. 


      Komfort+ handlebar



      Zero Compromises

      Blix designed the Komfort+ to simplify your life. For when biking is about the freedom to get around - without traffic jams, without parking issues. It's designed to be there for you as a truly viable mean of transportation, everyday.

      Komfort+ cream



      It's in the details.

      Excellent riding experience, practical solutions, and beautiful design. With more than 9 years of product development and continuous technological improvement, a Blix bike is built for every single day of your life. Take a closer look.