Spread the Blix Buzz & Get $50 Bucks!

Have you been stopped on the street from people asking about your Blix electric bike? Have a friend who is ready to buy an eBike? Want your significant other to start riding a Blix with you?

Refer A New Blix Owner and You’ll Each Receive a $50 Tango Card - one for you, one for them

 Choose from over 88 merchant brands and 18 different non-profits to spend your earnings! A reward you actually will want and use!

How It Works

When sharing your love for Blix, let your crowd know that if they use your full name (this is the name you used when you yourself purchased or registered a Blix Bike) in the “Referral” box during online checkout or during online bike registration, and it’s an authorized purchase, we will send you and the person who used your referral an electronic Tango Gift Card worth $50. More on Tango Cards below. 

Make sure you have reviewed the Fine Print to be eligible. We don’t want you missing out on your bonus bucks!

 The Fine Print on Spreading the Blix Buzz

VIP Blix Rider Referral


Using a Referral

Great! Someone has referred Blix Bikes to you and now you can score a $50 gift card for you and them when you use the referral with your purchase. 

Buying Online: When you make your purchase online, there is a box to add the referrer's full name before going to cart. Enter the full correct name here, purchase your bike and we'll authorize the order and the referrer's name. 

Buying in a Local Shop: When you make your purchase at a local shop, you can claim your referral offer during your bike registration. Register your purchase online at www.blixbike.com, complete required sections including the referral name. You must register your bike within 5 days of purchase for this offer to be valid. 


More about Tango Gift Cards

Once your referral reward is authorized, Blix will send you an email from Tango Card Rewards that will give you your gift card card and pin. All rewards are activated online, using the Code and PIN located in the Tango Card e-reward email that Blix will send you. Recipients choose how they want to spend their reward value by selecting e-gift cards such as Amazon.com, Target, REI, The Home Depot, iTunes®, Nike, and Fandango to name a few. Or you can donate to nonprofits such as Habitat For Humanity, Clean Water Foundation and World of Children. 

Recipients spend their reward online, in-store or on their mobile device. Recipients do not need to register for a Tango Card account to receive or redeem rewards; however, having a Tango Card account does allow a recipient to aggregate multiple Tango Card rewards.