Indiegogo Referral Program

Step 1: You must be logged into your Indiegogo account and have backed the Blix Packa campaign.

Step 2: Click the Link button next to the Packa Video.


Step 3: Copy the link that pops up onto your screen. This link is unique to you.

Note: For you to count as a referrer, you must use this unique link through Indiegogo. If you don’t, there is no way to track your referrals.


Step 4: Share this link on all social sites, in emails, through texts, and other outlets of your choosing!

Note:Be sure to let your friends and family know that once they click on the link, they must make animmediate contribution for you to receive referral credit and thus your free gifts! If they leave the page and return later without going through that link, it won't track as a referral. Make sure to they click your link to go to the Indiegogo page right before purchase!