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Bike Care

Do I have to go to a specialized bike mechanic?

All Blix bikes use standard mechanical bicycle components that can be serviced by most bike shops. If you need service on electric components of the bike, we recommend you to go to an authorized Blix dealer. You can also call our Customer Support at 855-655-BLIX (855-655-2549) for any questions!


How do you change the tire?

Changing the tires on Blix Bikes is just like traditional push bicycles. Blix tires have a tube that can easily be replaced. When changing the back tire you disconnect the black chord on the right side of the bike. The chord can be found beneath the chainstay, the bottom bar of the frame that is next to the tire.


What do you recommend for locking it?

You can lock a Blix bike just like you lock a traditional non-electric bicycle. The battery can be locked to the frame to keep it safe from theft. Locking the bike in a safe way is always a good thing, check out some smart locking tips from Kryptonite here. (http://www.kryptonitelock.com/en/proper-lock-up/bicycle-lock-up.html)


Can you ride the bike in the rain when the power is on?

Yes, all electric components on a Blix bike are water-proof.


Battery Questions

Does the battery charge automatically when you pedal or brake? Why not?

Blix bikes do not use regenerative power. Due to the low mass of a bicycle, the power generated from the breaks is not enough to recharge the battery. This is relative to the regenerative power used in cars, which have a high enough mass to produce usable amounts of energy.


Can you upgrade to a bigger battery?

Yes! We have two battery upgrades to chose from that can be easily used on any of our models. We have a 14.5 Ah and 17.4 Ah batteries. The 14.5 Ah battery has a 40-50 mile range, and the 17.4 Ah battery has 50-60 mile range.


How long does it take for the battery to charge?

New 11.5 Ah batteries take 3 hours to charge completely. Larger batteries take slightly longer given the larger amount of Amp hours.


Can the battery be damaged from charging too long?

Just like all rechargeable batteries, our lithium Ion batteries can be susceptible to loss of capacity from overcharging. It is best not to charge the batteries overnight to avoid overcharging and overheating.


How long can you use the same battery before you have to replace it?

Our standard battery has a lifetime of 25,000 miles (500-800 charging cycles). With each extra amp hour, there is an increase in lifetime.


How much does a new battery cost?

New Batteries start at $439.00 for 11AH and go up with addition amp hours. You can find them here.


How it Works

What is an e-bike?

An electric bike (or “e-bike”) is a bicycle with a motor and battery that can provide you with extra power when you bike. A Blix electric bike works just like a regular bike if you turn the power off. If you turn it on, it provides motor power when you pedal or when from a throttle when you don’t even pedal!


How do the brakes work?

Blix Bike brakes are traditional bike brakes with one addition. When the brakes are pressed, the electric assist is shut off.


What is the range on hills? How far can I go ?

Our 11 Ah will travel round 30-40 miles per charge. You may see a fluctuation depending on factors such at terrain, weight, wind and assist level. You can purchase additional batteries for a longer range of up to 60 miles per charge here:  



Do you have to pedal?

Yes and no. When using the throttle it is not necessary to pedal. When not using the throttle it is necessary to pedal for the electric assist to start.



Display error questions?

If you have a question about the LCD display, it is best to reference our journal first, and then contact us at support@blixbike.com.



Warranty/ returns/ exchanges?

We want you to be happy with your new Blix bike, and we think you will be. But if you’re not, you can always return it for a replacement or refund within 30 days of purchase!

Where can I get another seat?

Extra seats are available for warranty replacements!


How much money will I save?

The average family in the United States spends $8,946 on car expenses per year. Average riders will spend $308 per year on bike expenses. That means the average American will save $8,638 a year by switching to a bike.

Do you sell baskets for the bike?

At the moment, Blix Bikes does not offer baskets for our bikes.


Can I customize it?

Individual customization is not currently available. However, for inquiries about wholesale customization please contact us at info@blixbike.com.


I don’t want to take another shower at work - do I sweat when I’m biking?

It depends on how hot the day is, how far you travel, and how much you weigh. On average, e-bikes reduce the amount of sweat you produce even though you may be traveling twice as far.


How do I work the throttle?

The throttle is engaged by pushing the lever next to the display with your left thumb. When you push it forward, the pedal assist will be cut off and you will feel a boost forward without any need to pedal.