F.A.Q Blix Dealer eCommerce


Blix has partnered up with ShipEarly to integrate eCommerce with dealers - who is ShipEarly?

Shipearly consists of a team that is passionate about channel marketing, eCommerce, and eliminating the channel conflict between branded manufacturers and their retail partners when selling online. The team is experienced both in working with branded manufacturers and in family owned retail stores.

How much does it cost to participate?

Joining is absolutely FREE and takes less than 15 minutes. There are no monthly costs, the only costs you incur is when it works. We are in this together and only make money when you do. Shipearly charges 4% + $0.99 per transaction in addition to standard Internet payment gateway fees of 2.9%.

How am I alerted of a new order?

All retailers are notified of new orders via email and within the application itself if logged in. Please make sure you add us to your address book so that orders do not end up in your junk mail. In the event you do not check or miss an email the service will still work seamlessly.

Do I have to participate?

Participation is both free and voluntary. Fulfillment Partners simply need to have a physical retail store, an Internet connection, eMail and agree to fulfill orders for the brands they stock. There are absolutely no setup fees or monthly fees to participate in the service!

Do I collect money from my customer?

No, the orders are all prepaid by the customer. If you sell the customer anything from your store or any form of service, you only charge for what you sold yourself.

How do I get paid?

You are paid when you complete the fulfillment of the order. Once pickup or shipment is confirmed, your payment will be transferred directly to your bank account within 2 to 10 business days in the U.S. and 7 to 10 business days outside of the U.S. To confirm payment, use either the website or login to your payment gateway to see the pending transfer in your dashboard.

When do I get paid?

Once pickup or shipment is confirmed, your payment will be transferred within 2 to 10 business days depending on your bank account. To confirm payment, use either the website or login to your payment gateway to see the pending transfer in your dashboard.

What if I do not have stock of an item?

Preference is given to stocking dealers first. In the event you do not have stock, customers can still select and order from your store via ship-to-store. When you receive a ship-to-store order for a product that is not stocked, you will be sent a notification to provide us with stock levels to ensure that the product needs to be shipped. You have 24 hours to respond to an order or a wholesale order will be created on your behalf.

What name appears on my customers credit card statement?

The contract of sale is between you and the customer. Your store will appear as the seller on the customers credit card statement.

What if someone is trying to pickup the order for the customer?

It is your discretion, as it is your sale. We provide you with the credit card details, the customer name, and the customer should have a verification code to indicate they placed the transaction. You may want to ask for identification and/or the last 4 digits of the credit card that made the purchase to confirm their identity and avoid fraud.



The sales tax applied is a good-faith estimate of the actual sales tax. It is the fulfillment partner’s responsibility to verify the amount and report and pay accurate sales tax for fulfilled orders. Shipearly does collect sales tax for orders and sends the taxes to the fulfiller.

How are taxes calculated?

When you set up your store, you define your main business location. You also set the sales tax rate for this location. We help you define any additional locations and their tax rates.

Sales tax is automatically applied to all orders that ship to any state or province where a fulfillment partner has a defined business location. For example, if you have defined a location in California, sales tax is applied to all orders that you ship to the state of California. Sales tax is also automatically applied to shipping and handling charges for these orders, if the fulfillment location is in a state that requires these fees to be taxed. 

If a fulfillment partner has multiple business locations, sales tax is applied to all orders that ship to the same state as any of the defined locations. In this case, the sales tax rate specified for the business location in that state is applied. For example, assume that you have defined two locations, one in California and another in Florida. If you ship an order from your California location to a consumer in Florida, the sales tax rate specified for your Florida business location is applied. However, if you ship an order to Nevada (where you do not have a defined business location), no sales tax is applied. 

It is your responsibility to provide accurate and up-to-date sales tax information for your business locations. This is includes accurate taxes in your inventory management system for integrated fulfillment partners or the tax rate provided in Shipearly.

How is tax collected?

Tax is collected online before your customer comes to store. The taxes collected are also subject to payment gateway and Shipearly fees.

How do I determine my tax rate?

To verify sales tax, do the following:

In the US, enter the combined total of your state tax rate plus any local tax rate.



What is the return policy?

New, unopened or unused items can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. A customer will return the items either in-store or by shipping them to your store. A customer is responsible for return shipping in most cases. Items must be in their original condition and packaging to be eligible for a refund. Customers will be instructed to use a shipping method that can be tracked and insured for their own protection. Once a customer initiates the return, it is your responsibility to ensure you process the return so the cusotmer receives their refund.

  • Please note that Shipearly will refund the customer’s shipping costs if they receive a defective product, damaged product or incorrect order item
  • You may reject an item if it is used and not resellable, but you are responsible for returning it to the customer at your own cost
    • Rejecting a return and not sending the merchandise back to the customer will result in Shipearly applying the refund on behalf of the customer
  • You may be required to issue a Vendor RMA an item was defective or damaged when the customer received their products

Can a customer return an item after 30 days?

The sale is between you and the customer. It is up to your discretion if you decide to refund the customer after the 30 day return period. ShipEarly refunds our application fees for any transaction so long as the refund occurs within our software and before the 30 day return period. On refunds older than 30 days, ShipEarly does not refund our application fees.

How are refunds performed?

All items returned will receive a refund to the original credit card the customer used when purchasing the order. The refund will total the full value of the items returned plus any sales tax charged for the items, unless otherwise noted. Payment gateway fees are 100% refunded on returns.

The refund is initiated by you in ShipEarly and is only available after successful entry of a verification code or entering of a valid shipment tracking code.

How long does it take for refunds to appear on my customers statment?

Typical refunds once issued internally take approximately 5-10 business days to appear on your customers statement but may take up to two billing cycles depending on your bank. If you have receipts turned on within our payment gateway partner, an email refund receipt will be sent to the customer indicating the charge has been refunded.

How long does it take for me to be refunded my Shipearly application fees?

All application fee refunds are processed manually by our support centre. You can check on the status of any refunds by logging into our payment gateway partner. Typical refunds once issued internally take approximately 10 business days to appear on your statement but may take up to two billing cycles depending on your bank.



What is In-Store Pickup?

In-Store pickup is the process where a customer places a transaction online and comes to store to pick it up. With in-store pickup we provide inventory visibility so customers can pickup products within the same day.

What is the In-Store Pickup Guarantee?

The Fulfillment Partner guarantees, without exception, that when a consumer has been notified that their In-Store pickup order is ready, all items in the order will be available for pickup, as ordered, and that all products will be in new and unused condition, with new and clean packaging.

Eligibility for In-Store Pickup

Only retailers with a web-based POS or an inventory management system we currently plug into are eligible for In-Store Pickup. If your system is currently not on the list at registration and you are interested in integrating, please contact support@shipearly.com to inquire about our Application Program Interface (API) to integrate your POS.

How are returns on In-Store Pickup orders handled?

All In-Store Pickup returns will take place at your store location. The order items should be in new and unused condition. When the customer returns their order items, you will be responsible for initiating the return within Shipearly. This will ensure that the customer receives their refund when the return is processed. Please note that in order for the refund action to appear on your screen you must already have fulfilled the order with a valid in-store pickup verification code.

A manufacturer sales representative will be notified of any return at your location. In the event of a refund Shipearly will refund the 4% transaction fee back to you, but the $0.99 per transaction charge will remain. No restocking fees are applied to in-store pickup orders.

How are exchanges on In-Store Pickup orders handled?

In the event the customer wants to exchange their purchase, they can do so! Customers can only exchange items of equal or greater value. When the exchange is more money than the initial purchase any difference is collected by you outside of Shipearly.