Blix Ambassador Program

As a Blix Ambassador, you have the opportunity to help others feel like a kid again, reduce their carbon footprint, and get active with a Blix!

What does it mean to be a Blix Ambassador?


The main goal of the Blix Ambassador program is to continue to build the Blix rider community through Blix owners who are passionate and knowledgeable about their Blix ebike and the experiences they have riding.


Your own stories and experience, have the ability to help others find the same joy in riding an ebike that you do with your Blix. You might even change their life by encouraging them that there is an option out there for them to be mobile even if they struggle with physical limitations. Most importantly, you will foster a positive community for all!


The best part about being a Blix Ambassador is that you help others save on their Blix ebike while receiving continuous Blix perks!*

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"I adore my Blix bikes. I get a lot of questions from people. I can't wait to share my journeys!" -Melinda

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