Aveny Electric City Bike, Step-Through


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  • Aveny [a-ven-knee]: "Avenue" in Swedish. Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, the Aveny is Sweden's most famous street known for its many cafes, restaurants and small shops.

    Effortlessly explore new avenues of transportation and recreation in style with the Aveny. Hop on the low-step frame with ease and ride with electric pedal assistance or throttle up to 20mph. Bring what you need with the included rack and custom front basket.



    Risk-free trial

    We’re confident you’ll love your Blix ebike, so we give you 30 days risk-free to try it. If you don't love it, you can return it for free.

    Free Shipping & Assembly

    Your bike is shipped for free (in the lower 48) and assembled for no additional cost at a local bike shop near you.

    Exceptional Customer Service

    Never ride alone, we're here to help. Local stores, phone, chat, email, social—you name it, we're on it.

    3-year Warranty

    All Blix electric bikes come with an exceptional 3-year warranty on frames & 2-years on all tech.


    Style Matters

    The Aveny’s classic design is reminiscent of the golden age of European city bikes. The frame’s lines and low step-through are pleasingly nostalgic, and balanced with a thoughtful attention to details such as the stitched (faux) leather grips. The Aveny is sophisticated simplicity.

    Smart Design

    The Aveny is ready to get things done, work or play, rain or shine. The included custom made Blix front basket and a practical rear rack lets you bring anything with you, anytime. Fenders keep you clean and protected from puddles, while lights keep you visible day and night.

    Comfortable eBiking

    Comfort is key when riding regularly, which is why we designed the Aveny with an upright riding position and stable geometry. Sitting upright is more comfortable for most riders and makes it easy to look around, and with the low-step frame getting on and off is easy and safe.


    Smart Battery Design

    To optimize riding experience, the battery is placed low under the rider’s weight to provide an even weight distribution and a very low center of gravity. The result: a stable, sturdy and pleasant riding experience.

    To charge the battery, simply plug it into a standard wall outlet, either off or on the bike — the seat flips up for easy access if you choose to remove! You can also lock the battery to the frame with the provided key. Isn’t it nice when things are easy?

    Up to 60 miles per charge

    Charge Time
    3 hours

    25,000 miles
    (500-800 charging cycles)

    Easy Display for Easy Riding

    The display is where you control your bike and customize your ride. Switch between 4 levels of electric pedal assist whenever you want, or turn it off completely and ride it like a regular bike.

    See how fast you're going

    Pedal assist level
    4 levels of pedal assist

    Battery Life
    Always know how many miles you can go

    Measure your rides!

    How far can you ride?

    LED Lights
    Control the front and rear LED lights.


    Low-step frame

    We designed the Aveny to be one of the most user friendly electric bikes available. The low-step frame allows tall and shorter riders to easily jump on and off the bike whenever needed.


    With the thumb throttle you have the option to go up to 20 mph without pedaling. Ideal for getting up to speed again after all those red lights and stop signs!

    Basket & Rack

    Keep your valuables in the front and everything else in the rear. The custom designed front basket features a bamboo bottom plate and built in cup holder.

    LED Lights

    The integrated front and rear LED lights are powered directly by the battery, and can easily be turned on from the display! They also have built-in reflectors to be visible anytime during your ride.

    Smart Bell

    Smart design is in the details. The small but loud bell is conveniently integrated to the left brake lever, allowing easy reach and a clutter-free handlebar.


    Built from durable polycarbonate construction, ride fearlessly through puddles and on wet roads. Also helps protect from daily road grime and debris.

    Powerful Brakes

    Reliable mechanical disc-brakes by Tektro provide you with plenty of stopping power in both wet and dry conditions.

    Motor Safety Cut Off

    Ride knowing that you're protected from any unwanted motion forward when your brakes are engaged, as the battery power is cut off when brake levers are pressed.


    Our proprietary motor is the most quiet hub motor on the market. Yet, with its strong 350 watts, it will take you up the steepest hills through a smooth natural acceleration.

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Frederick H.
United States
  • City Pocasset MA
  • I ride for? Leisure
  • Miles riding per week? 10 - 20

love my Aveny

I picked up our bikes at Corner Cycle in Falmouth, Mass. They did a good job of assembly. They were very cordial about orienting me to the bikes. We just got back from cycling in the Champlain Islands area of Vermont. We rode 15-25 miles each day and never broke a sweat. Our Avenys look more like regular bikes than a lot of ebikes, so they are probably a bit less of a target for theft. The only things I miss are front shock absorbers. And I wish it had a higher top gear. We rode with people who had RAD Power bikes. Big, bulky, heavy, but they look very badass, so people are more drawn to them than the Aveny, which I'm fine with. I seriously considered the RAD bikes, and the deal breaker was the weight. Too heavy for my wife to lift. Too heavy for our car rack. And too conspicuously ebikes, not easily snuck onto bikeways where ebikes aren't allowed. Overall, we're very happy with our Avenys, and we're very happy we went with Blix rather than RAD. Well made, well thought out, and a real pleasure to ride. Very happy with the way the assist works. Comfortable riding position. No need for gel geat over the leather. Our friends with RADs had to use gel seats for more comfort. And if nothing else made the Aveny appealing, my wife just LOVES the drink holder! Thanks for great bikes. I hope the electronics and/or motor never need service, because that could be a problem. But so far so good!

mila M.
United States
  • City Aspen
  • I ride for? Leisure
  • Miles riding per week? 10 - 20

great easy bike

I have it for an easy commute into the nearest town, and it is amazing. very easy to use, and it can be ridden even without pedaling!

New Jersey
  • City NJ
  • I ride for? Commuting
  • Miles riding per week? 10 - 20

Excellent E-Bike

I've had my Aveny Step-through bike for about 5 months now and have really enjoyed it. I did a lot of research (including test rides) before buying this bike. I bough it primarily to bike to my local transit train station, but I've used the bike much more for leisure and fun! The bike is super smooth, and excellent for anyone who lives in a hilly area and needs some pedal assist. The bike is beautiful, functional, and very hardy. Most importantly, the battery is reliable, charges quickly, and lasts a good amount of time without a recharge. A few things that I would want improved: 1. The weight of the bike! It's nearly 50lbs and is very heavy to pick up and place on a bike rack or move around the garage.; 2. Ability to prevent battery from being turned on when bike is parked. I've noticed that when I leave my bike parked on the station, every now and then, some curious person has turned the battery on and it has remained on for hours. So far, I haven't had an issue, but it would be nice to prevent that in a reasonable way. I know that some other e-bikes have this feature. Overall, I am really enjoying this bike and hope to get a lot of use out of it.

Mabel McGowin Zabinski

So happy I bought a Blix

About a year has passed and I continue to enjoy my Blix bike! We live in a small town and I am able to ride it everywhere! I highly recommend this particular bike and will always be a Blix supporter!!!

Jo Dwyer

We love them!

I bought the Aveny low-step and my husband got the Aveny high-step. We've had them about a month or so and couldn't be happier with them. We live in a small town and it was the first time the local bicycle shop owner had seen Blix e-bikes. He was highly impressed with the quality, as are we. We love the front baskets, the ease of removing and charging the battery and the comfort of riding these bikes. Customer service has been outstanding, as well. Our batteries didn't come with keys for the locks and after calling Blix, they immediately sent new locks and keys to the bike shop where we had the bikes put together. These are truly outstanding bicycles and an excellent company to deal with!