Your Local Blix Dealer: Portland, Oregon

July 26, 2018

Your Local Blix Dealer: Portland, Oregon


Local Shop:Cynergy E-bikes

Owner: Rich and Ruthellen 

Located: Portland, OR

Number of Employees:6

Fun Fact:  Rich and Ruthellen aka the "happiness experts" are e-bike loyalists, they have gotten rid of one of their cars, and rarely drive at all! 



Cynergy E-bikes truly believe that electric bikes are transformative. In fact, the owners Rich and Ruthellen, have heard time after time from their customers that "e-bikes change people. Whether it is changing their mode of transportation or getting them back into bike riding, e-bikes make people feel better."

The slogan of the bike shop, "Love your ride" is more than just words. At Cynergy they try very hard to give every customer a personal experience – from listening to their needs and expectations to teaching them about the various types of e-bikes, and then personally escorting riders out back in the quiet, low-traffic neighborhood (riding up the hills…).

That's why we have chosen to feature Cynergy Ebikes in this month's edition of "Your Local Blix Dealer!"


How did you end up in the fantastic world of bikes? 

Ruthellen and I want to save the world, by helping to reduce carbon pollution. Using an ebike as an alternative to a car is a great way to do it.  It puts only a tiny fraction of carbon into the air compared to a car.  Plus, they are fun and healthy to ride.  We also see them as a way to more people more often on to bikes, whether for transportation or recreation.

What is unique about your store? 

We really believe in treating our customers the way we would expect to be treated. No high-pressure sales. We focus on educating our customer on the differences between the different e-bike options and then finding the best bike to match their riding needs and their budget.

What is the funniest or strangest request you’ve ever had from a customer?

    1. Rich – we had a customer who came in to show me the motorized bike he invented that was powered by compressed air. He had the air compressed into a large tank used to hold CO2 for a restaurant soft drink machine.  It was strapped to the back rack of the bike.
    2. Ruthellen – had a customer who decided which bike she wanted to purchase by riding it up the longest, steepest hill in the area -- without electric assist.

How did you find out about Blix & what about the brand convinced you to become a dealer? 

Not sure.  I think it was that we were looking for a better folding bike.  We read a press release about the introduction of the Vika and decided to check it out.

What would you say is the biggest benefit of owning an electric bike? 

It makes it easier to use a bike for getting around.

In your professional opinion, what is the most important thing to consider when deciding what electric bike to buy? 


If you could only have one Blix Bike which one would it be and why? 

The Vika+. There are so many things we like about this bike.  Most important, the frame is extremely well constructed for a folding bike – the clamps are very strong and secure, yet quick to use. The low-step frame accommodates everyone.  The riding position is very similar to a full-sized bike. The motor delivers exceptional power and the bike looks great.


    If Cynergy E-bikes is your Local Blix Dealer, give them a call to set up a test ride or just stop by to say hi and find out more about the electric bike movement!

    If you do stop by for a test ride, don't forget to share your photos with us! 

    We love to see our Blix Community in action!

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