Your Local Blix Dealer: Santa Cruz & Aptos, CA

January 03, 2019

Your Local Blix Dealer: Santa Cruz & Aptos, CA


Local Shop:  Epicenter Cycling

Owner:  Shawn Wilson

Located:  Santa Cruz & Aptos, CA


Epicenter Cycling has been a supporter of Blix Bikes since the beginning. Located in Aptos and Santa Cruz, California, right down the street from our headquarters, Epicenter has shown dedication, knowledge, and experience with customers. As Epicenter Cycling continually strives to support their bike brands and customers, we found them to be a perfect fit for this month's Local Blix Dealer Spotlight.


How did you end up in the fantastic world of bikes? 

Like many kids, I grew up riding bikes. By the age of 15, I knew I wanted my life to be centered around cycling. I raced downhill as a teenager, turning pro at 18. I commuted over the hill from Santa Cruz to Los Gatos for a part-time gig at a bike shop. This led to a full-time position as the store manager. When plans to co-own the shop fell through, I turned to my home turf in my quest to spread the cycling stoke. Epicenter Cycling’s Aptos location was born out of that quest. Its success inspired the opening of a location in Santa Cruz as well. For nearly a decade, Epicenter has been true to its mission to get more people on bikes. We’re all passionate about cycling. Bikes have been a huge part of my life and I can’t imagine a life without them. There’s just nothing like getting other people excited about bikes!

What is unique about your store?

Epicenter Cycling is unique in that we truly stand behind what we sell and the services we offer, and we genuinely care about our customers. Our knowledgeable, friendly crew are committed to providing solid pre-purchase guidance, and post-purchase support. We just want our customers to be stoked on bikes! Whatever we can do to enable that, we will.

If you could only cycle one last route before autonomous vehicles take over the world which one would it be?

There will be no “last route” because there will be more cycling than ever when autonomous vehicles are on the roads. Autonomous vehicles in the future will be able to sense bicycles better than human drivers, making cycling safer … and that will give people extra confidence on their bicycles.

What is the funniest or strangest request you’ve ever had from a customer?

One guy asked us to call his ex-wife to pay for a bike for his girlfriend.

How did you find out about Blix & what about the brand convinced you to become a dealer?

When Blix started up in Santa Cruz, a rep came by the store to introduce us to their line-up. We were very impressed with Blix’s style, the prices were great, and we loved the idea of supporting a local company.

What would you say is the biggest benefit of owning an electric bike?

The best thing about having an electric bike is that you can get around town faster than on a regular bicycle, and avoid driving.

In your professional opinion, what is the most important thing to consider when deciding what electric bike to buy?

Pre-purchase and post-purchase support and service are really important to consider when buying an electric bike. From learning which bike is the best match for you, to being properly fit to the bike, to getting proper service for the bike throughout its lifetime … it’s crucial to buy the bike from a local store with a great track record for taking care of its customers.

At Epicenter, we offer free test rides — and even multi-day demos — to ensure a perfect match and no regrets. A free fitting and saddle sizing comes with the bike, and we’re proud to offer unlimited free tune-ups for the life of the bike as well.

If you could only have one Blix Bike which one would it be and why?

Just one Blix? That’d be the Prima with its mid-drive motor. The assist is very smooth; it feels like a normal bike.                                                        


If Epicenter Cycling is your Local Blix Dealer, give them a call to set up a test ride or just stop by to say hi and find out more about the electric bike movement!

If you do stop by for a test ride, don't forget to share your photos with us!

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