September 02, 2016

 Happy September! Here is your round-up of some of the best/coolest/most informative links we stumbled upon on the internet this week. Wishing you a lovely Labor Day Weekend! 

If you've found yourself in some trouble while biking there's a network of attorneys waiting to assist you. The Network of Bicycle Crash Attorney's are the pro's in the know about how to help protect you legally when you've been hit by a motorist.

Bill Nye holds no prisoners. Watch him call out CNN reporter Chris Cuomo as a climate change denier during their discussion about what happened in the Louisianna floods. You can find Chris Cumo's retraction statement about climate change here.

The Solutions Project  is an organization comprised of scientists, government officials, celebrities, and other people of influence who are focused on getting America to become sustainable. They are good people with a good plan, check them out for yourself and you will see immediately why they are worth your support. 

A sobering but necessary piece about the enabling design of our infrastructure. The writer, Robert Steuteville, points out that the elephant in the country is a forced dependency on cars implicit in the design of our cities. The design is also why there is such a high loss of life while driving. Read more about what he has to say on The CNU Journal. 

An interesting anti-Sustainability essay recently published in The New York Times written by a grad student covers the history of societal perceptions of nature and the nature/industry relationship. Worth a read, if you're looking to learn a little bit about the philosophy behind westerns perception of nature and why nature is not something we can or every should control. 

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