September 16, 2016

In this interview with the New York Times, Obama reviews his time in office, the many natural disasters that happened, and what he has done (or not done) to help move our country towards one who is constantly making an effort to be environmentally conscious.

This weekend you can ride the Tour De Coup in Silicon Valley.

Canada will have a 22,000 km long car-free highway by 2017. Your turn America. 

To quote grist, "File away under: Things To Show Climate Denying Relatives on Thanksgiving." 

Possibly one of the cooler things I've come across recently: A Global Fishing Watch that allows you to see all vessels at sea in near real time. Why should you care? Overfishing is a serious environmental problem for many ecosystems and this data allows anybody in the world with internet to track any vessels that might possibly be illegally fishing. 


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