October 07, 2016

It's (unfortunately) easy to understand why texting and driving is an issue. However, texting while biking? That's a whole different game, and it's not the only distracting activity bikers often take on while riding. Read this article here to learn a few tips on how to bike mindfully!

In recent years as biking has been taking off in cities globally, there has been the accusation that biking is causing Gentrification. Not entirely true- not entirely false. Biking is a cost and energy efficient way to commute. And many low-income populations utilize it as a cost-efficient means of transportation.  So why is there such a strong relationship between biking and gentrification? Read this article from The Guardian here to find out.  Could biking be contributing the gentrification?

Ever wonder what the deal with all the abandoned bikes you see on the street is? Policy is determined city to city, but this article breaks it all down for you from the areas that send the abandoned metal to the landfill to the ones that donate the leftover bikes. Read more here!

The Indian State of Bihar has recently discovered a wonderful solution to help the increasing dropout rate among girls in school: Bicycles! Females attending school had an alarmingly high rate of dropping out due to being subject to heinous crimes such as acid attacks, sexual harassment, and stalking. However, the local government recently stepped in and began a bicycle donation program which has had an amazing outcome. Female participation has risen 30% and 7 million girls have been granted bikes. 

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