You know when your alarm goes off and your sleepy mind gets the best of you? Here's what happened when one writer found the will power to NOT hit the snooze button for one week. 

Stay safe and always visible with this new helmet. Equipped with features such as lights and blinkers, the Lumos smart helmet is quite the excitement. 

This really cool company helps you to support clean green energy by ensuring that your house or business is utilizing green energy with a click of the button. Check out Inspire for more information. 

State donates two bags for every bag they sell. And you'll be doing yourself just as much of a favor as the kids who receive them. Their bags are a stylish and socially responsible answer to a commuter bag. They also make a great Christmas present! 

Peiskos (Norwegian, n.): lit. 'Fireplace coziness,’ sitting in front of a crackling fireplace enjoying the warmth. And other foreign words perfectly describing the sensations of being a part of the natural world. 



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